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I've exhausted all my usual on-line font finders and turned up nothing... so I am now enlisting the help of my fellow RPFers!

So, the project is to reproduce a 1920s era marble dedication stone on the front of a church. This is the one we want to copy as closely as possible:


Unfortunately, the quality of the image is quite poor, so I looked for similar era stones of the same style and found this one which looks really close:


The question is: can any of you guys identify the font used on these stones. I guess it doesn't have to be 100% the same, but the closer we can get, the better! I can then make a new vector image so we can do a laser engraving onto a marble slab. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Futura is a fairly standard sans serif, isn't it? This almost looks like a variation on Copperplate with very subtle serifs. But even without serifs, that G and the numbers, especially, make this one hard to match.
To me, it looks more like a Sans Serif font with a slightly gothic embelishments on some characters. I'd recommend that you get something close and modify some characters to get the look you want.

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That's a fairly unique font. Nothing close came up when using any of the font finder websites. My guess is that in those days, engravers learned their fonts from their teacher and then possibly came up with their own versions as they went. There may be common typefaces that engravers tended to stick to though... but the question then is whether anyone has ever digitised such a font.

You may just have to create your own vector file for each letter.
The nearest I can find is "Franklin Gothic Demi"

It would need vertically compressing slightly to match the aspect ratio of the original characters. Also, the E, F & H would need the the bar editing & moving upwards - I cannot find any plain sans serif font that has the bar in that position..
(Or the upper half of each character row moving down slightly, to both give the aspect and smaller gap between centre and upper bars?)

Next best is "Bahnschrift Condensed"; that has the more parallel character sides in the "O" etc., but the ends of the S are wrong..
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