1. Caterwaulin

    Best Lightweight Armature Material for Lifesized Figure?

    What are some good lightweight material options for building an armature for a life-size human figure sculpture? I am looking for suggestions beyond PVC piping or steel rod, burlap, plaster. I don’t have access to a full proper shop and in general I'd rather do some extra labor than work with...
  2. IronArcher8656

    Working on a Leviathan axe and I could use some help.

    The part that I'm stuck on are the small jewel details that represent the runic attacks. In the image, they are the small circles, one has a triangle in the middle while the other has a square. According to my templates they should be roughly 3/4 inch. I can't find anything close online, so this...
  3. Chris Moliere

    Recreating Lighting Effect for Cyberman Chest Unit

    A bit of an update for my Cyberman build - still in the planning stages, but just about every possible part has been identified. However, I still have one problem that needs solving. The chest unit has a small heart assembly, with small christmas lights wired up to simulate a heartbeat effect...
  4. LexLuthorJr

    Looking for 2-Part Black Gun Foam

    I'm trying to find the black gun foam used to make the Doc Ock arm segment in the video below. It is shown being used at the 5:00 mark. I've searched online but can't locate anything like it. Does anyone know what the product is? Much appreciated! (This is my first ever post. I'm sorry...

    EFX Boba Fett Helmet reinforcement??

    Maybe this is a question for the dented helmet, but I'm thinking I'd like to purchase the EFX Boba ESB Helmet. The reviews say this is overall a great helmet! However besides a few small paint errors, the main complaint is just how thin the bucket is. Anyone have recommendations, or perform...
  6. alienking06

    X-Files case file...

    Does anybody have a printable version of the cover of a case folder from The X-Files?
  7. TanskiTannero

    Helmet Lighting, Help!

    I am currently making a helmet from the video game Destiny, and I am needing to put purple lights in the helmet but I don't knowhow to fit lights in there. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can achieve this? I do not have access to solder but I can if I need to
  8. Chris Moliere

    Making foam look like porcelain?

    I plan on building a Funtime Freddy replica, using 3d models from the game. The outer shell has a plasticy, almost ceramic quality that I want to replicate; however, I also want to build it out of foam, so that the shell is thick and flexible, while also simulating the texture on the outside...
  9. GeekyRaptorStud

    Foam clay help?

    I am new so I have no idea where to post questions please forgive me if I posted in the wrong area. I was thinking of buying foam clay in September or October and I was wondering, is there any way to coat dried foam clay pieces to increase their durability and life "due to foam clay being...
  10. Chris Moliere

    Mac Wineskin Pepakura Won’t Open

    This has probably been asked before, but I’m confused. I’m using the latest Wineskin and Pepakura installer, but it keeps saying that there’s no setup file there. Am I doing something wrong, or is something I’m using outdated?
  11. Q

    Casting detailed object questions

    I'm in the process of making a replica of the Zafiro Anejo bottle topper from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I'm sculpting it out of Sculpey clay, and I planned to bake it, make a mold, cast it in resin and paint it copper, however I'm afraid it would be difficult to remove the topper from...
  12. Anjomi

    HELP QUESTION need cruise ship decorations

    HI, I am putting on a theatre dinner that is set on a cruise ship and I need to decorate the entire room to look like a cruise ship. I am looking for decorations preferably stuff that we could make a bunch of. I am also looking for any sort of centrepiece that we could have at each table...
  13. BranHeadhunter

    morph suit inquiry

    Not sure if this has been a topic of discussion before. I saw a dude was selling a customized "Morph Suit" which seems extremely smart to try out, especially considering how often we all complain about wearing latex during Summer events and conventions. But he's selling them for like $450...