1. C

    The Terminator (1984) 1:1 Arnold Schwarzenegger Bust With Light Up Eye

    This is my first time painting a life size, human bust. I'm really happy (and frankly, surprised) with how it came out, so I figured I'd post it here. (Sorry for the picture quality, I took the pictures with my phone and turns out the new iPhone likes to auto sharpen everything) The base...
  2. NuadaDesigns

    Terminator CPU's (t800 & t888)

    Here are the first test prints for my t800 and t888 cpu chips, from T2 and Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Might mess around with the t800 scale. Painting them this evening so I'll have a better idea tomorrow.
  3. Iguanaman

    Terminator 2 sunglasses - Linda Hamilton

    I was re-watching Terminator 2 and was looking at Linda Hamilton's sunglasses in the desert sequence. I tried to look for duplicates on line but none really match. Is there anyplace that sells an accurate screen replica? Some have the clear brown back part but I haven't seen any with the silver...
  4. HandsomeDan

    Terminator 2 Bust Gregory wig

    Hi all, this is my first ever post on here so i dont know exactly what im doing haha im making a 1:1 terminator statue from T2 . this will be my fourth statue, tho i normally have someone else do the wig and eyebrows. i attempting the wig a couple years ago ( gregory wig ) but when i cut it for...