1. PaperForProps

    League of Legends Blood Moon Jhin Mask WIP

    Hi! I'm new here and I would like to share a work in progress I have. It's the Blood Moon Jhin Mask from the game League of Legends! It all started with the splash art I saw in-game, it blew me away. So I got to work and started by 3d modelling a base mesh using the free...
  2. joshthememelord

    Where do I find Fierfek's old pep files?

    Title says it all, their pepakura file development page got deleted, and I want to make some stortmtrooper armor using their templates, but a while back I lost the files due to me changing PCs. Even somebody sending the files (8.5x11) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. S

    Ironman mark 2 Pepakura file need

    Guys I need ironman mark 2 exoskeleton boots and arm Pepakura files if anyone have them please help me
  4. SeaMoon

    Does anyone know any good local brands for Polyurethane / Polyester Resin in the Philippines? (or Asia)

    Just as the title says. I'm looking for any good (possibly budget) brands of resin aside from the well known Smooth On.
  5. IMG_3337.MOV


    Iron Man 39
  6. IMG_3339.MOV


  7. IMG_3400.MOV


  8. Frogfreak

    Pepakura based stormtrooper helmet. Can anyone identify the file?

    I saw this video recently and I thought it looks pretty great! (Aside from the paint) However he doesn't say what the file is, and he hasn't responded to any comments recently about it either. So I decided it would be a good idea to ask everyone here if they know what the base file is...
  9. Lifeline Heirloom Shock Stick Apex Legends DIY..

    Lifeline Heirloom Shock Stick Apex Legends DIY..

    Read Description. In today's video we are going to make #Lifeline heirloom #shockstick from #apexlegends. This prop is way easy to make and it takes only a c...

    TUTORIAL: Using Pepakura To Build Foam Cosplay (Helmets, Armor, Props and More!)

    In this video, I will guide through a FULL build of an "Armored Hero Helmet" and I will teach the complete beginner how to use the Pepakura Designer Software, Foam Pepakura File Templates and EVA foam to build this helmet with me. Once you learn all the techniques shown in this video, you'll...
  11. propsityourself

    Pepakura Eva foam comission

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a saint 14 cosplay, I got some pepakura and a loooot of references and a 3d model extracted from the game. I usually works with pep sexy for the pepakura files but he's not answering theses days and I really want to start, anyone with some experience on pepakura for...
  12. Foamnoob42

    Punisher War Machine EVA Foam Build by a complete novice!

    Hey guys, I'm very new to cosplay. Never touched a chunk of EVA foam in my life. So I thought the best cosplay to ease me into the hobby was a super complex suit of armour made out of foam. I am a smart person who makes good decisions XD. It's not too bad though. Someone else already did a...
  13. J

    Unsure of next steps

    Good morning all. I am working on a Halo Mk V helmet. I started with a Pepakura file and am close to completing the assembly. This is my first time doing this sort of thing and I'm doing it as a gift so I want it to look good. I was thinking that I would cover the paper with 2mm craft foam...
  14. Avengersrox

    Fortnite Oblivion

    Hello all! This is my first post as a therpf member and I'm super excited to get tips and ideas from you all :) I am currently working on an Iron Man MK VI build, but I already have plans for a second suit-- Oblivion from Fortnite. I know Fortnite IRL can be cringy, so I am going to be...
  15. D

    Judge Gabranth heeelp

    Guys quick question do you have judge gabranth pepakura? :(
  16. I

    Borderlands Crimson Lance PEP files

    Hey all, I was hoping on building a Crimson Lance costume in celebration for the new Borderlands, however I can't seem to find valid links to PEP files for them. Anyone have any leads? Thanks in advance!
  17. ScorpionTR

    Looking for Infinity War Iron Spider Webshooters

    Pepakura file please
  18. Exorphin

    Big Daddy from Kick Ass

    Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster. I am thinking about putting together a Big Daddy costume. There are some great threads here which have been very motivating. I am wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on where I might be able to get a pepakura helmet like Big Daddy's ? I was...
  19. Akilo101

    Iron Man MK VI Helmet Take 2

    Hey all, Now that Ive settled into college life im going to take another crack at making an iron man helmet. Before I start charging ahead with the pep work I though I could ask all of you for some scaling insight. I glued together the remaining parts of the failed attempt of a helmet I made...
  20. Akilo101

    Best material for Iron Man Helmet

    Hey all, I am looking to try my hand at creating another Iron Man helmet, but want to make it as realistic as possible. The main methods I am looking at are -3D printing -Pepakura I also plan to make a mold and then cast the final helmet before I start to add electronics and such If you have...
  21. The14thDr

    Iron Man Mark 50 (Battle-Damaged) Suit

    Hey everyone! Owning an Iron Man suit has been my dream for a very long time now. I’ve had a few false starts in the past but this time I’m confident that I’ll be able to pull it off. The Mark 50/Infinity War suit doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention from cosplayers but IMO it’s the coolest...
  22. CallsignFallout

    T-45 shoulders?

    I’m still new around here, I don’t know if this is exactly the right place to be posting this but here it is. I have been wanting to make some t-45 power armor. I see people asking about the T-45 power armor files but I found them on paper craft square. However, I have a problem. On the file...
  23. Alex Hayashi

    Advice for a newbie.

    So I'm about to build my first suit soon and not an expert at all at making heads. I plan on making a head out of Pepakura but unsure about what to put on for sculpting like Latex, molding clay etc. I plan on doing the Big Red Predator which uses a lot of the basic P1 armor. Any suggestions?
  24. CyberPaddy66

    PLEASE DELETE - Pepakura Files, free and for sale

    Deleted - duplicate thread!
  25. Exodiac

    Bio Mask WiP

    Have the Pepakura cardboard done, fiberglass will go on next to make it strong. Will be a challenging process, will also take a Dremel and grind out area to make it look battle worn.