1. Avengersrox

    Fortnite Oblivion

    Hello all! This is my first post as a therpf member and I'm super excited to get tips and ideas from you all :) I am currently working on an Iron Man MK VI build, but I already have plans for a second suit-- Oblivion from Fortnite. I know Fortnite IRL can be cringy, so I am going to be...
  2. D

    Judge Gabranth heeelp

    Guys quick question do you have judge gabranth pepakura? :(
  3. I

    Borderlands Crimson Lance PEP files

    Hey all, I was hoping on building a Crimson Lance costume in celebration for the new Borderlands, however I can't seem to find valid links to PEP files for them. Anyone have any leads? Thanks in advance!
  4. S

    Looking for Infinity War Iron Spider Webshooters

    Pepakura file please
  5. Exorphin

    Big Daddy from Kick Ass

    Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster. I am thinking about putting together a Big Daddy costume. There are some great threads here which have been very motivating. I am wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on where I might be able to get a pepakura helmet like Big Daddy's ? I was...
  6. Akilo101

    Iron Man MK VI Helmet Take 2

    Hey all, Now that Ive settled into college life im going to take another crack at making an iron man helmet. Before I start charging ahead with the pep work I though I could ask all of you for some scaling insight. I glued together the remaining parts of the failed attempt of a helmet I made...
  7. Akilo101

    Best material for Iron Man Helmet

    Hey all, I am looking to try my hand at creating another Iron Man helmet, but want to make it as realistic as possible. The main methods I am looking at are -3D printing -Pepakura I also plan to make a mold and then cast the final helmet before I start to add electronics and such If you have...
  8. The14thDr

    Iron Man Mark 50 (Battle-Damaged) Suit

    Hey everyone! Owning an Iron Man suit has been my dream for a very long time now. I’ve had a few false starts in the past but this time I’m confident that I’ll be able to pull it off. The Mark 50/Infinity War suit doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention from cosplayers but IMO it’s the coolest...
  9. CallsignFallout

    T-45 shoulders?

    I’m still new around here, I don’t know if this is exactly the right place to be posting this but here it is. I have been wanting to make some t-45 power armor. I see people asking about the T-45 power armor files but I found them on paper craft square. However, I have a problem. On the file...
  10. Incinorator's Iron Man Mark VI Child's Costume

    Incinorator's Iron Man Mark VI Child's Costume

    Incinorator's Iron Man Mark VI Child's Costume This is a pepakura (card stock/fiberglass/bondo) suit created for a three year old for Halloween. It has LED lights in the eyes, chest, and hands. Check out the thread here...
  11. Stealth Iron Man by Mizuno Hadouken - Halloween Contest 2012 Entry

    Stealth Iron Man by Mizuno Hadouken - Halloween Contest 2012 Entry

    Photo by Nicole Ciaramella, Marvel booth SDCC2012 and video of the suit... Contest and Build Threads