Hello, new here and wanted to share my work in progress Avatar inspired bow.


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I just completed modeling a life size (just over 7 foot long) Avatar inspired bow from the Tipani tribe. 168 parts ready to start printing.


  • bow exploded view end detail.png
    bow exploded view end detail.png
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  • bow exploded view v5.png
    bow exploded view v5.png
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  • bow v65 bottom.png
    bow v65 bottom.png
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  • bow v65 top.png
    bow v65 top.png
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  • bow v65.png
    bow v65.png
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A few more photos. Printing has begun. I added a paint stand to help out.


  • top limb paint stand.jpg
    top limb paint stand.jpg
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  • top limb assembly.jpg
    top limb assembly.jpg
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  • top limb parts.jpg
    top limb parts.jpg
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Looking good so far! That's an impressive worklight over your desk. Did you design it yourself?

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