1. the.rebel.agent

    The Bad Batch Tech's Datapad Functional Replica

    Since the show aired, I felt in love with this character and his abilities to master the technology. A Nerd clone If we can say that. Since information technology is part of my profession and I an super Star Wars Fan, I modeled this Datapad in Fusion360: I realized that could be done to...
  2. Iskelderon

    Revell TOS Enterprise - Mod Parts

    In case anyone has a spare 1/600 Revell Enterprise laying around and wants to modify it into a testbed for the TMP era upgrades, I'm currently working on resin print mod parts for that. After all, the kit comes with USS Potemkin variant decals that are perfect for that. In case anyone's not...
  3. PhuketAussie

    Eminiar VII garden wall for small aquarium

    I've recently been given a beautiful Siamese fighting fish, so I bought a nice small tank, big enough for him, but small enough that it can sit on my desk. Since my desk is built in the TOS style (Star Trek themed workstation under construction!) I thought it might be fun to build a small...
  4. behnt

    Don't waste time sanding 3d prints, shave them!

    Carpentry and Luthier card scrapers are the bomb when dealing with PLA prints!
  5. namivanmar

    Ghost shell from Destiny with electronics

    Here are some pictures of a 3D printed Ghost shell I've built as a present for someone. It has a Raspberry Pi Zero inside with a mini display and speaker from adafruit. It took some time to make it play a sound after boot and handle the display since I had 0 experience with Raspberry and...
  6. s2jesse

    S2Jesse / Puzzlebox Zorii Bliss

    Heya everybody. Back with another high end project. This time its Zorii Bliss! As the vid shows, I'm working the gear for Zorii Bliss. I also just started a public FB Group for people to share info for her at: Log into Facebook | Facebook -S2Jesse
  7. yankeetrex

    1:1 Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus

    Hey Everyone, Back at it again with my low key favorite dinosaur of the JP series Dilophosaurus. I sculpted her in Zbrush and printed her on my Creality CR10s. 9 Total parts. Printing the mouth palates and tongue now. I'll update as soon as they are done.
  8. collinlueb

    which 3d printer

    Hello i don't know if this is the right section but this is my best guess. I was wondering whats a good 3d printer for making general props and stuff. I wanna learn 3d modeling soon and being able to print the stuff I model would be really nice. I was wondering whats a good 3d printer for...
  9. Andrewhitc

    Albedo Battle Armor from Overlord anime. Commision project.

    In our worshop several month ago we get commission order for this armor from Overlord anime. Most problem that "anime" characters have not very "real human body" Plus armor must be rather fit to client body and not very wide in material. So Firstly we send client to create basic "3d scan" of...
  10. Dainbramage546

    Ancient Bladesaw - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    It's been a while since I've posted here, so here's a new build thread, for my replica of the Ancient Bladesaw from Breath of the Wild. For reference: If you haven't played the game, it's a giant glowing chainsaw of sorts. The teeth rotate but since I don't hate myself that much, I used...
  11. diogorsergio

    Apex Legends - Wingman (The Death Ray)

    Apex Legends came out and I was looking for a new gun to make, something more achievable that my Quake3 - Machine Gun project. Looking around I found this skin of the popular Wingman pistol which is quite cool and ray-gun looking. Really like the way it looks. Still modeling the pistol but its...
  12. Craftynathan

    {Completed} Fallout 4 (Pre-War) NukaCola NukaWorld Security Guard

    Hey there, This is my first big build project and i thought it would be fun to share it. I have played the fallout games relentlessly and loved every moment of them and always wanted to make a top notch build. Originally i was looking at the Brotherhood of Steel and the orange jumpsuits the...