Hellboy bust (Life size)

Thats a fantastic representation of the character. Its nice to see a non movie version and the detailing on the back of the bust is very very nice. Well done.

Scareb : Thanks man, the sculpt will be finished this week,

Fettster : Thanks!!!!

Xtcofpain : Thanks a lot for the comment ! :)

Guardian evil : thanks man I did my best to give an attitude to it, glad you like it. ;)

Agentsmith, thanks a lot :)

Snaackpac, thanks man, should be finished pretty soon! ;)

Chris27989, Thank you, should get to the end(im listenning to the doors ;) ) in a short while.

Thekingaswing, thanks Nat, that is exactly what I had in mind when I started the sculpt, and i like the back too, give it a 360° justification... :)

Owensiago, thank you!

Yellowjacket, thanks, I tried to get the beast-feeling to show...

Callmemilo, :) Thanks man

Clutch, thanks a lot ;)

Cultentacle, thanks very much :) !

I just started on the poneytail, so the full bust should be finished by the end of the week, painted version to follow.

thanks again to all of you for showing a respectfull interest in my work. ;) :)

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Hope you guys all had a great week end ! ;)

Here is the progress on the bust, with the ponytail,



close up of The ponytail, with a rocky ring using the same design as the hand of doom, with glyphs and texture. I'm going for unity on the bust, with a justification for each part of the sculpt.
After final cleaning, the ponytail will be molded.

All questions about the bust should be send by mp, you know that anyway ;) .

Enjoy your day.
Very nice, when I saw the first pics I thought the pony tail was going to be done with hair, does anyone ever do that on busts?
It has amazing detail, very cool!

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