Robocop 1:1 Silicone Reveal Bust


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Happy Christmas everyone.. :)

I recently revisited my Original Robocop Bust I did way back in 2012, This was my first bust project, which was a great learning experience from start to finish.
I had two of the main heads cast up from the original mold and decided to resculpt the peter weller face with some more surface detail and try and improve on the Original without changing too much, I also 3d printed some better parts for him and made a new base section.
I think it turned out ok for a revisited project, I am sure there are many improvements I can make to this bust, but I wanted to keep the original 2012 Sculpt of Robocop alive and offer these for sale in a limited number.
The next plan for my Robocop is a fully Animatronic Robocop 2 with full damage, hanging on the life support machine.
I Have a sculpted body armor nearly finished and will implement this bust into the project very soon.

it would be great to see if anyone has done an Animatronic Robocop before ?? or has made a silicone Robocop bust.??



  • Front 1.jpg
    Front 1.jpg
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  • Angle 1.jpg
    Angle 1.jpg
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