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  1. DaBuild

    HELLBOY II Big Baby Gun

    Hello everyone! Here's my latest build. Hellboy II Big baby gun! A massive piece of 3 kg. Mostly 3D printing, a loooooot of sanding, wood working, hand painting, leather working... It was a bigger challenge than I expected. Enjoy the watch and feel free check out (and like) the rest of the...
  2. sonicfreak04

    question about "3D printed Good Samaritan pistol"

    I think it's awesome that we now can buy our own 3d printed replicas of the good samaritan from Hellboy, I have a question regarding going further with the 3d model. I have no experience making 3d models would someone who is experienced with model making modify a base model of the pistol to make...
  3. DaBuild

    Hellboy: Right Hand Of Doom

    Good morning everyone! Here's my latest build video. HELLBOY: The right hand of Doom! Have a look if you feel like it. :) Cheers!
  4. CryptidCutie

    Hellboy Prosthetics Build

    Hi, I decided earlier this year that I wanna build myself a Hellboy cosplay, based somewhere between the Del Toro movie design and the comic design. I’m looking to make a face & neck prosthetic and a chest piece and then use padding/looser clothes to fill in the jacket & pants. (Something about...
  5. HonorableWhat

    Horned Hellboy

    I was just thinking as i went looking at materials to make the tail for my costume and... I dont think ive seen any images of a hellboy cosplay after he grows his horns and adorns his crown. Anyone know if this has been done? Id love to see some pics and see how they went about supporting the...
  6. Krats

    The Crown of Bethmora - Updated Version

    Five years ago the first original project I produced using my 3D Printer was a copy of the Crown of Bethmora. In the Autumn of last year I was contacted with a commission to produce another crown. Since my first attempt I've picked up a few tricks, (and also the Art of Hellboy 2 book) so I was...
  7. Mike J.

    Hellboy (Comics): Amulets, Charms, Medallions, Talismans, Etc!

    A week or so ago, D48thRonin mentioned that he'd wanted to attempt to replicate all the charms shown as a background in an image made by Mike Mignola for the Hellboy 1 DVD special features. Coincidentally, I'd been staring at that same image, but with an eye to ID'ing anything that might have...
  8. HonorableWhat

    Looking for a push button battery led

    So! I got a hellboy locator kit and im looking to light up the red resin “bulb” with a led. Its hollowed out enough that i can fit a decent sized led that can hopefully run off watch batteries. I want something i can either cut a small notch out of the back of the locator (where it wont be seen)...
  9. Torolf

    Hellboy 2004 - Professor Bruttenholm's Rosary

    I'm starting a build of Professor Bruttenholm’s rosary. I found a couple pictures for reference. The first thing I noticed was this is not a standard rosary. This one has seven decades instead of the normal five. It also is missing two "Our Father" beads and one "Hail Mary" bead between the...
  10. HonorableWhat

    Silicone mask care

    first off im not sure if this is the correct thread to put this one at but hopefully it is, im still rather new to the site and am still awestruck by the wealth of knowledge obtainable here haha. I recently purchased a silicone hellboy mask....... i love it ouo so much easier thn applying all...
  11. HonorableWhat

    Looking to buy hellboy corpse locator kit or finished prop

    hi, i am getting into building the cosplay of one of my favorite comic book/movie characters. Ive found almost every thing i need except the corpse locator, Broom’s rosary, and the amulet hellboy tries to use on the tooth fairy. I was hoping to find someone who has a kit of the corpse locator...
  12. HonorableWhat

    In need of a 3d printer for small prop

    hi im trying to get together some hellboy props and there is a 3d model available of the reliquary hellboy hands to abe available to the public but i have no 3d printer. was wondering if anyone would be willing to print this and send it to me. payment would be possible within reason for such a...
  13. HonorableWhat

    Hellboy Props and cosplay building items

    I plan on building my hellboy costume. not skipping anything so i thought id make this thread for people to post info on all the little things. such as where you can find(or get incredibly close) to Prof. Brooms necklace(which i still cant seem to find) or say the locators, maybe the back patch...
  14. MR_Adrian

    NEW Hellboy Samaritan Definitive Thread

    I didn't see a thread on it yet, so anyone interesting in helping out and/or replicating the new Hellboy Samaritan, this is the place to be! These are the screen grabs I've got so far. Any suggestions for a better way of posting large amounts of reference pics? Photobucket really sucks......
  15. arthurdent

    Making a Hellboy prop gun from a Dollar General toy gun.

    Recently I bought a toy gun at a local Dollar General store because it was similar to Hellboys' gun, The Samaritan. With a careful repaint it came out very similar to Hellboys gun. This is the toy gun. It also came with ten fake bullets in rapid reloaders. First of all i masked off the grip and...
  16. tmax

    Interest Hellboy - Big Baby Kit

    Now that the Chemrail is done we're looking at what to do next. I've wanted one of these for ages... Who would be keen for a 3D printed kit of Big Baby! Kit would include 4 grenades. Price TBC but probably around the same as our D9 Sonic Gun kit. Post your interest. :thumbsup
  17. Torolf

    My growing prop collection

    I've been working on my collection for a few years now and I'm always adding new items. Most of what's in my collection is scratch built. Full size 3D printed baby Groot I finished. Mal's gun from Firefly - 3D print. SE-14R blaster - scratch build with a couple 3D printed parts. E-11B...
  18. Silesky

    Hell Boy prosthetic Makeup

    Hello! I've been commissioned a Hell Boy make up for a cosplay event in April, I have to fabricate the prosthetic pieces and apply them, I want to share some of the process here, so here's how it goes so far. Early sculpt (the last image colorized and with Photoshop hair): Decided to make it...
  19. BigCoffinProps

    Hellboy Cosplay - Comic Book Style

    I have started a Hellboy costume that I hope to have completed for the 2019 Con season. My cosplay will be the comic book version of Hellboy and I am using the Mezco figures as a guide. My build will mostly be foam because the material is cheap and light enough to comfortably wear/carry around...
  20. Rook

    Want to Buy Skelton Crew Studio Agrippa's charm from Hellboy

    Looking to pick this up (at a somewhat reasonable price - If I wanted to pay $100 I'd go to a certain third party auction site) if anyone is trying to thin their collection a bit.
  21. L

    Hellboy Angel of Death Mask Reference

    Hey Guys, First post here, heard that i could maybe find out some info here about the Angel of Death mask from hellboy 2. I'm looking for detailed reference photo's, preferebly with measurements to create a mask sculpt for a full costume of the Angel of Death. Kind of an ambitous project for a...
  22. Volks

    Robotic Right hand of doom idea

    For Halloween last year I decided to do Hellboy. Got the RHoD made in around 10 days using foam floor mats and gap filler foam. Got me thinking about doing it for NYCC this year, but with a hand that is capable flexing. Saw some unfinished ideas already posted on here, and got some insight from...
  23. The 48th Ronin

    Hellboy (2019)

    Hmmm... not sure what to think about this o_O http://io9.gizmodo.com/hellboy-creator-announces-r-rated-film-reboot-sans-gui-1795035672

    Hellboy / BPRD bling accessories for the discerning agent...!

    A while back I ordered a couple vintage-pattern 1930s suits and wanted some nerdy accessories that would be fitting to go with them. So, I modeled up a couple cufflink caps with the BPRD logo on them and did a fob-version of the resurrection amulet for my pocket watch chain. These were printed...
  25. Krats

    Sammael Prints from Bruttenholm's Book

    I have been tinkering with a recreation of the Sammael artwork from Bruttenholm’s book for a while. I’d not really put much thought into what I was going to do with it but I’ve been messing with woodblock printing for another project and wanted to warm up with a linocut… and then my brain...

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