Heavy Weapons Wolf Predator 1:1 Armor build (3d modeled)


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I use an alice back pack frame for support and build on top of that.

I deployed my initial prototype design I build by hand at Fanboy 2019. Local news folks went nuts when they saw it.

I had run out of time to do a proper wrap and money to by more powerful servos so I could shrink down some of the gear sizes. After that I could wrap the whole support frame so it looks more movie accurate. I have about a thousand US dollars in brackets in the current cannon setup as I kept ordering the wrong parts.

I am working on a dual cannon setup myself. right now I have a delay response issue from the joystick. Given your image I will have to re-evaluate how to get the main arm assembly to be more self contained.

Good luck on your root canal....

Again, you are talking about your own, ideas, perhaps designs, and inceptions. Weight? Not sure about the rest. So let's start again.

I am recreating the Heavy Weapons Wolf Armor from AV:p. I base-design and model everything before implying more, including electronics, but I do accept the idea of space and development. Eventually, I can incorporate microcontrollers for movement, although two cannons creates a bit of a logistical problem.

Now, I am going to guess that you are really working this out for weight. I went through weight issues working with an Iron Man, specifically, working a Vulcan gattling gun on War Machine's shoulder. Vac is the best way to go unless you need movement, then supported harness.

Hope that helps.


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Hoping to finish this armor in the next few days.

Both forearms about ready, left has opening panel with display inserts, the right has slotting for the blades I'm wrapping up now. (y)

090413 left gaunt 1.png
090413 left gaunt 2.png
090313 right gaunt 1.png
090313 right gaunt 2.png


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[QUOTE = "laellee, post: 328748, member: 15074"]
Надеемся закончить эту броню в ближайшие дни.

Оба предплечья готовы, слева - открывающаяся панель со вставками дисплея, справа - прорези для лезвий, которые я сейчас завершаю. (У)

[ATTACH = полный] +272982 [/ ATTACH] [ATTACH = полный] 272983 [/ ATTACH] [ATTACH = полный] 272984 [/ ATTACH] [ATTACH = полный] 272985 [/ ATTACH]

very cool !!! looking forward to it !!!!


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Not the greatest render, but you get the idea.
I want to section the lower calf at the ankle, but pretty close on the thigh and shin armor. Knee is separate with a mounting plate, I think I will also model up a batch of bone spurs/horns in different sizes after I get the boot covers completed. Still have to finish the sectioned whip and a couple of other accessories to boot....
090519 thigh and shin parts.png
090519 thigh and shin parts 2.png


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Just working a boot cover to print now. A tall sole/lift of sorts with the engraved runes is starting to sound like s great idea though.. I can print in Ninjaflex, and it could be attached directly to the base footwear giving an extra inch or two of height, really however much I could want (without it looking out of proportion). Finishing flex filament has proven a bit of a bear though, but A sole printed in black followed with plastidip and then finish painting would look good. Add an aggressive tread pattern too to prevent ice-skating. :D Thanks for looking!
090519 boot top 1.png


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Well now it's just accessories and tuning stuff I think, nothing too exciting. I'll try and get a render of all the armor pieces together today. Just added removable forearm blades, with corresponding slots for neodymium magnets. Also some 'bone spurs' in various sizes to go with the leg armor.

0909 blades and bone spurs.png


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I did throw together a couple of renders of where we're at now. All of the pieces are print-ready, so hopefully I'll be seeing some print results shortly. (y)

Features included at this point:
  • Large med pack on the back opens and closes (all 3 doors)
  • Both shoulder cannons and arms fully articulated and can be collapsed back in the 'stowed' position
  • Left gauntlet has an opening control panel door with separate insert (I can incorporate LEDs easier this way)
  • Right gauntlet has removable forearm blades
I still have the whip, shuriken, and acid vial to add, along with his hand blaster. I was not originally commissioned for the mask, there appeared to be a good-looking wolf predator version on MyMiniFactory for 3d printing. I am kind of leaning towards modeling my own however, just to match the runes and the texture to the references I have.

Thanks for looking!
0909 wolf render 1.png
0909 wolf render 2.png


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Still revising, but it's getting there. I need to rework the shallow ball joints between each vertebrae so the whip coils properly, and also reshape the bones themselves a bit so they are not so symmetrical and more organic.

091212 whip 2.png


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Yeah it's tough as the references are pretty lacking for some of the stuff. Always nice when there are pics floating around of either hero or stunt pieces, as compared to the 1/6th scale bits :lol:

Shuriken getting there
901019 shuriken.png


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So cool! How do you plan on mounting the back pack?
I all fits together with hardware. The two back pieces? I do have a branch piece that links them, meant to be under the natural strapping to make it all rigid. It will a bit of wait with that on there, although really 15 pounds to my idea.


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I'm on Facebook and on Etsy under Indigenous Effects, either is good for reaching out (my 'day job' lol)(y)

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