HCG Aliens Dropship


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Were these posted? Was on display at Comic-Con:

IMG_8413 copysmall.jpeg


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is that a replica or filming prop?

I am always surprised at how brown the color is rather than green

But I guess it makes sense if the paint used was called "Brown Bess"


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Well, it was demonstrated in the film that they can be remote piloted. ;)

It's right in the thread title - HCG = Hollywood Collectibles Group. It's an upcoming replica.
Yes, but this need to have a pilot/driver stems from a childhood disease of mine:p As a child; I was collecting Dinky Toys and later went into model building various genres: cars, boats, planes, etc...I never bought a Dinky Toys if there wasn't a driver in the car:unsure:...and I'm still like that today (64 years old:lol:)


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The proto at Comicon I don’t think changed at all since first pictures of this. Seems like no progress. In fact the weapons wings/boom had tape on them.


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The pylons snapped when shipping down to San Diego - the second prototype should feature them articulating into the correct position:

View attachment 1611420
Yep… we needed to put a sign up stating there was shipping damage due to all the people mentioning it, lol.

Once I get that second prototype in hand, I’ll be photographing it for the launch. I can’t wait!! :)


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As mentioned above, the apparent lack of articulation in the weapon pods is hugely disappointing. The scale, detail, and paint work all look fantastic, but the fold in/out weapon pods are without a doubt one of the most iconic elements of the Aliens dropship and their exclusion really hinders this release in my mind. (Additionally it would make it much safer to ship this model if the weapon pods articulated. If the pods had been retracted on their prototype unit, it would have been much less likely to have suffered the damage it did on its way to San Diego.)

The absence of this detail is particularly disappointing considering that the $150 Aoshima model from some years ago featured folding weapon pods, removable landing gears, and a APC ramp that actually retracted rather than the clunkier dual ramp system on this model. Additionally, I really feel that at this price the forward landing lights should function as well - if the $300 Hiya Toys Aliens APC can feature functioning lights it's hard to justify the exclusion in a model five times as expensive. I really appreciate the work that HCG does to bring movie props to the public, however, to me this model continues a trend of them putting very little effort into their offerings beyond making them pleasing to the eye.

Even with these shortcomings, I admit I'm tempted, however, it's really difficult to justify a purchase with so many key elements of this iconic craft missing in action. True fans of the film would include these features because they would want to provide the best model they could offer, however, I understand that HCG is a company and like most companies they're in the game to maximize their profits - which is of course, understandable. I just wish they recognized that putting a bit more effort into their offerings may cost them in the short run, but profit them in the long run with an improved reputation and increased customer loyalty. Regardless, I'm happy this item is being released, and while I personally find it disappointing, if the pictures are any indication it's certainly a striking and attractive piece.
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$1,500 and they couldn't even make the wings functional.
Christ that is way more expensive than I was anticipating. The Halcyon 1/72 version I bought a few weeks ago was about $110 and even that I thought was steep.

Whilst hunting for models in Tokyo, I snapped up a Halcyon Sulaco for $80, and I found the rare Aoshima Die-cast 1/72 APC also for $110 but decided against it.
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