Harry Potter Question: Glass Liquid Luck & Memory Vials

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    So I have been looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get one each of these bottles/vials but I'm not having much luck. The best I've been able to find is a glassblower about an hour away that can replicate the vials for about $50 each. For those of you who have these vials already, how did you get them and about how much did you have to pay for them? Is there any way to get these inexpensively now?
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    Come on, with all the collectors of Harry Potter prop replicas I know some of you have ideas on how or where to get these made.
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    Do they have to be glass? You Can made those out of clear resin.
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    yeah clear resin would be the only way to do it other then glass blown.
    but dang the mold would be a bit tricky and you'd have to pray to god every cast you make doesn't have tons of bubbles in it!
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    if your looking to get them made out of glass i would tell you to find you nearest head shop, alot of them have there glass blown locally and can point you in the direction of of someone who can make them cheap out of single blown quarts glass.
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    Bubbles are very hard to get rid of but if you poor slowly and make the mold just right the bubbles should rise to the surface.
    P.S. i love your profile name and photo untraman :)
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    Just came across this thread...

    The first vial I had made by a fellow I found through eBay who'd made another glass sculpture for my wife. He made the vial shown below per the dimensions I gave him which turned out to be too large. He was not interested in making a smaller one for me. I seem to remember it was about $60.

    I made an interesting discovery one day that the luck potion vial was very similar to what's called a separatory funnel used in chemistry.
    GL-J60-2000 Separatory Funnel w Glass Stopper.jpg
    I found a scientific glass blowing company that would do custom work and they agreed to make one for me for $30. I sent them an exact drawing of what I wanted, but what I got was too short and too fat. :( .

    I found a local industrial glass blowing place in Smyrna, GA. I sat with some old guy with my drawing, and he produced this awful copy which I tossed it was so bad. $70

    I then found another local glassblowing shop. I'd first turned a wood copy on a lathe and the owner/instructor made 3 attempts before we had what I consider a good representation. He used the wood copy as a guide for his calipers. $20 each.
    This glassblowers primary business is giving classes and teaching folks how to make their own glass items. He's not interested in making more vials.

    I also have 1 luck vial from Juno ($30?) and I think I got a memory vial from her ($60 ?). The other memory vials were from a run that Digitizit did years ago, I believe they were around $50 or $60 apiece.

    Glassblowing is much more an art than a science - so getting a blown glass item exactly the way you want it can be frustrating. Having the wood model helped immensely.

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    Very awesome collection, ATL. I appreciate you sharing. I've already tried quite a few local glassblowers and torchworkers, and the person who would charge $50 a piece is the only person who would even be willing to try making it. There's a place near-ish by that actually teaches torchworking, which I may look into and then just try to make them myself.

    For now I just purchased one of the Bioworld liquid luck vials that Hot Topic is/was selling (they are no longer going to be in stock but some stores still have a few left). It's about 2/3 the size of the actual vial and seems to be a bit longer, but it works. At least it looks more like the original prop than the Noble version (notice the tips of the vials).

    Felix Prop on Display.jpg Felix Bioworld.jpg Felix Noble Collection.jpg
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    Just curious, did anyone FILL their felix felicis vial with something? I'm wondering if a gold nail polish would keep for a long time, or if it would start settling after awhile. I may just use a fine gold powder filled to the cork so it just looks like it COULD be liquid.
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    I thought I’d share this option I found for the vials. Saw this at Books a Million. You get two of them.


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    Thanks for the heads up. I actually did get this shortly after it came out. I wish they hadn’t attached the blank labels to the vials so that you could put your own on them, but otherwise I love these. While glass would be more authentic it is nice to know that accidentally dropping one won’t destroy it. Now just need to mix some hot glue and phosphorus powder to make a couple of memories.

    Just to point out something else new, the Wizarding World theme park is now selling a liquid candy version of Felix Felicis. The top is different than the prop since they did a screw-on top that looks like a cork, but it still looks closer to the original prop than the Noble Collection replica.
    651E7A59-B7A1-481A-A26B-516EB39B6D9B.jpeg DA345BAF-B54C-4909-A5B8-0A140AA85330.jpeg D903747A-1335-41E0-A616-EE89299D9BC1.jpeg
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