Harry Potter Props and costumes


Here is a DVD Screener cap

Nice! That one shows the colors pretty good...
unfortunatly, I can't just paint on a pair of white chucks (the racing stripes are a diff. color" But I do have a pair of black ones that I can cannabalize...

EDIT - OK now that I'm not at work and I can click on links... Those look close enough for me, Juno. Now its just a matter of finding them...
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I was wondering, has anyone ever done the photo album that harry gets from Hagrid from the Sorcerer's stone? I would love to see them! I had another idea too, maybe you could put one of those little picture frames with a LCD and play vids on it... or maybe not.:) just An idea. I think this would be pretty cool prop to have for my display.

I'm sorry if this have been done or disscussed but I looked through this entire thread and searched and nothing came up.

Transgenic Elves used to sell a replica on Ebay. You might ask if they still make them.

Personally I like the expression of Sirius on mine but your's is really nice also. Mine is just on a normal sheet of paper because my printer can't print any bigger:unsure
Hey guys, I don't know if anyone has done this. But I made this today cause I'm having fall break and had nothing better to do than to make a Prop!:lol
It's the Basilisk fang, The paint job is pretty rushed and I wasn't very happy with how it turned out, but I may have another go at it another time. Let me know what you guys think!


Noble just updated their website with some more props. Also, the Noble Collection magazine has many more new props than even the website!

Sorcerer's stone
Hogwarts Quill
Lifesize Nimbus 2001
Lifesize Firebolt
Mad-Eye's staff
Umbridge's wand
Dumbledore's Army wand set with a scroll as the display holder
Bellatrix Wand
Bellatrix Mask
Weasley twin's wand set
Some fantastic stuff! Not all of it looks accurate, but it all looks 100% cool -- with the exception of the DA scroll of wands. Is it just me or did they jack the wand prices up?
Some fantastic stuff! Not all of it looks accurate, but it all looks 100% cool -- with the exception of the DA scroll of wands. Is it just me or did they jack the wand prices up?

145 divided by 6; like 25 bucks a wand, plus the display, what's wrong with that?
That's because my post said that there were more in the magazine than are on the website. :) I'm sure they will be online sometime soon.

I think june was talking about the $35 a wand price for individual wands instead of the ~$30 that they used to be.. Also, Bellatrix and Umbridge's come with wall plaques and cost even more!
You're referring to thier catalog then yes? I find it odd that they would put some of the new articles online but not all of them.....
A lot of the photos look a bit fake -- maybe conceptual? Definitely the signatures on the DA parchment look pasted on. Maybe it was a rush to go to press.

It does explain the recent eBay shut downs of HP replica auctions.
I wonder why I haven't gotten a new catalog yet??? I've done plenty of business with them to be in their database....
Yeah, it's a Noble catalog that comes every now and then. Sometimes it features several of their lines, but the most recent was just Harry Potter.
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