Harry Potter Props and costumes


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I don't have pictures but...
I have both the large and small lenticulars of the Sirus Black wanted posters,
The Noble collections of the wands,
Japanese version of the time turner,
The Pobjoy mint coin sets,
A stack of screen used coins,
Crew gift watch from the first movie,
Licensed 10 ct gold snitch cast gift replica from the second movie
Noble Mirror,
Some of the screen used bowls and cups from the first movie,
The chess set and board from the first movie,
Sorting hat lisenced replica,
A hand knit sweater custom made for me with a J from the same person that knitted them for the movie, my daughter has the hermione hat they used in the movie,
A few knicknacks from Hallmark and other licensed producers,
and my kids have a few costumes, hats, coin sets and Alivan's wands and broom replicas.

Thats it that I can think of off hand. :)


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Having seen most, if not all, of Jeff's collection, I can tell you that is awesome. :)

Great pieces, and great stories behind the pieces.



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I have Noble's props. I got all three wands and the Time-Turner. I'm not sure if the coins are actual props (can someone clarify that?) and the Godric Gryfindor sword is permanently attached which makes it a turnoff for me.


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Here are a few of my Potter props. The Time Turner was the one from Japan and I made the display for it. The wands are from Noble.




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rad1701 where did you get the pic with the time turner? And the name plates for the wands? Your display looks great.


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Picture was off eBay for the Time Turner display. The name plates I made by getting the Potter font off the Net and printing them on a parchment type paper.

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I have the Noble Wands, time turner and coins.

I have also been working in the graphics for the Chocolate frog box, Every Flavor beans box, Honeydukes bag, Howler letter and Train Tags.



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My Remus Lupin wand:




I've tried making the snape wand a few times, but it's something that I think i'm going to have to scratch out and then cast in resin. I don't have the talent to get the details in clay on something that small.

For my son's last birthday party, we had a Harry Potter theme, and my wife and I made wands for all the kids that came over. I wish I would have gotten pics of my wife's "thumb" wand. Looked like a real thumb. Very odd.

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My wife will probably not love me posting this, but I know she's proud of the costume.
She made it all herself, except for the patch(ebay), and we found the tie on some website for private school uniforms. We even made "S.P.E.W." badges/buttons for her to pass out.


edit: She IS wearing a Time Turner, but it's very small (not based on the film version.)

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I posted this in the Free Paper Props thread.

Here's a little something for you Harry Potter Fans
the Hogwarts Express Luggage tag from CoS.
The PS/SS version is solid blue on the back.

In PS/SS it's seen just before Hagrid gives Harry the Photo album.
In CoS the Weasly brothers have them on their trunks as they head for platform 9 3/4.
IIRC they are also in the scene where Harry and Ron pass the luggage by the stairs after crashing into the Womping Willow.

Someone on ebay was nice enought to not only provide pix of both sides but also the maesurements. :D


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