Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!


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Hi everyone :)

I'm competing in a competition to win a Meet & Greet with Tom Felton and I have to collect as many 'like' on my facebook video as possible!

I wanted to ask, as you are all huge Potter fans if you were willing to go to this link:
Mijn filmpje voor... | Facebook
and like my video Please! Thank you sooo much in advance!

I don't know if I'm allowed to post this, sorry if I'm not!!
Ps : It's a belgian competition! ;)


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Pretty sure I clicked the like button (well wasn't really a button just the word like) but can't see any confirmation.

I also get it (but not as much as I used to...;))



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Luke is right here! My finals have started so I won't be on very much for the next week or so, in OTHER news, HERMIONE BOX! It's misspackged, I have to send it back and wait another millennium to get a new one. But it's HERE!


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Hermione box:
Yule Ball poster, nice, shiny silver poster, no complaints but nothing special 4/5
Love potion bottle, feels like theres actually liquid in there (there isn't) and is packaged very nicely, but a little pointless and not very relevant to the character, 4/5
Hogwarts express ticket, not printed on a ticket like paper, it's too thick, the "gold" is shiny, but not very much, I accidentally got two copies. 3.5/5
Gilderoy Lockhart photo, just plain awful, 1/5
OWL exam, I only got half of it, but the half I got was printed on copy paper, which is cheap of Noble, but seems appropriate to the prop, pre folded (which is done exactly correctly) , comes in separate wings you have to tape together. Grade is AS IF I had received the whole thing 4.5/5
Yule ball Christmas tree ornament, useless if you aren't Christian, just a silver metal plate with Yule Ball, Hogwarts, and an H that loots nothing like the Hogwarts H 3/5
School timetable, spent a WHILE, still can't make sense of it, asthetically it looks WOEFUL! It's litterally words in an ugly font randomly spaced and angled and a bunch of "hand drawn" green lines, slapped on a graph paper background (really, graph paper, for HARRY POTTER, what were they thinking?!) -5/5
Hope I helped! Worth the excitement? No. Worth the $35? If you have it to spend, sure, if it's at all a strain or there are something's you REALLY want to buy with that $35, this isn't worth it.


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Are there any brave people with a virus scan thingy that are willing to download something that a french guy on the forums keeps trying to give me? he says its paper props, and im terrified of it eating my computer, and i dont know how to fix things if its a virus. i dont even know if i have a virus scan