Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!

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wtf! why am i being dragged in this? -_- i just woke up.. and sorry to burst your bubble jahada but this forum was already alive before you joined..


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look jhadha i dont like the way you talkt o everyone in this forum tbh i think we should have a forum vote if he should be banned i dont like that your being big headed about making your quibbler and DPs yeah you make good props but this forum was alive before you joined. and dont send a pathetic PM giving me pathetic paragraphs on how you make everything..

gideon: i dont mind his expressing him self but when hes coping other peoples work and giving everyone abusive PMs thats when its crossed the line.

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I may be a newbie on here, but I've been around forums for 10 years. As this is a highly successful forum with a lot of wonderfully talented people coming together and providing props to this thread and others, I thought people would act a little more mature. :confused I'm pretty sure everyone here appreciates the work everyone else puts into this thread, even if some people get more praise than others, and it is perfectly okay to be upset by what seems to be some misunderstandings. But life continues. As the muggles say, truth will out. Yes? :)


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Having been involved in several "disputes" in my time as a member here on the rpf, I'm trying to stay out of this one.

But I just have to say, not being directly involved I do see both sides of the issue and feel for both parties. Hopefully they can work it out without jhadha leaving the forum.

He has provided some great stuff and IMHO he did in a way "kick-start" the thread back to life when he came on board.

I do have a question/comment to monsters-05 though.

If you go to HP Wiki and search for "The Quibbler" you will find a page with a number of them listed with large images of each issue including a "How far Will Fudge Go" issue that looks remarkably like the one you shared with us a few pages back, right down to the scuff marks along the edge of the front cover.

My question/comment is, is that indeed your creation and if so did you give permission for them to use it?

The reason I ask is that when you are searching for reference material for a prop and you come across something like this, the assumption is that it is free and open for downloading and use.

I'm not saying taking credit for the item, I'm saying using it to come up with your own version.

There is no credit given for the creator of this issue of The Quibbler just the name of the guy who contributed it to HP Wiki.

So my long winded point is, it is easy to use someone else's work without knowing it.

However, once it is pointed out that someone is using/taking credit for your work, they should stop doing so.

Apologies if I wasted anybody's time with this comment.



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gringotts anyone?

ive got some gold coins and i fel that there too much of a gold colour, so ive spray painted a few a gold colour but what should i do, spray paint them all or leave them in a rich gold colour? on the last picture the spray painted ones are the few on the right..

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Definitely spray painted. They look much more realistic. :) I made a Gringotts coin bag thingie a few pages back, if you need a bag for them.


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Hi and welcome to the thread. I unfortunately had to remove the acceptance letters as people were taking them as their own and selling them on other web sites for their profit.

Just so you know, although Hinkypunk was the one who got this thread up and running, she is no longer active on the thread.

i got one on page 4 and tryed to print it out by 8 by 10 paper and it got burey :cryso i printed it out on photo bucket .com but that was small i was on youtube the other day and this kid had a big copy and sent me here

love i love harry poter


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i just want to apologies to all and Specially Monster_05,..
being such a rubbish attitude lately, he have all here love harry potter
including me,..so lets a good start..

@15pezza,..nice new collections,..it's really fits in Helga's cup,.
@drhpyaniv i try to replicate it but luck of reference of image and content of the book


someone have this pages? please answer(=

please its really important to me

Huh. Well, I can tell you where the text came from. It's from the computer game 'Gabriel Knight 2' I suppose someone in the Harry Potter props department was a fan of the game.

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Just a few points on the above issues:

1. I sent jhaha some pictures of monsters' quibbler, and I told him not to post images of it anywhere. I didn't think monsters was making the quibbler anymore, and there was no other way to get it-jhadha told me he just wanted it for his personal collection only. monsters told me he wasn't printing anymore and that mine was an exception. if anymore were printed that would be dishonest to those who bought them.

2. monsters claims he can't share his references, but there arn't any others availble online, so he is effectivley claiming onership on the prop (unless the person he got the references from told him not to share them?). a good picture of one page of the replica is on the junkyard thread for everyone to see, with no watermarks or anything.

3. Jhadha has shared a lot of great props of his own making, filling a big gap for free Daily prophets and quibblers. although, he hasn't always obeyed the rule of no watermarks/no previews of paid items.

4. I don't approve of monster's attitude, ecpesalliy on a public thread like this. I think jhadha just found the images and is using them as references to make his own.

5. with props as accurate as these, it is hard to tell one replica from another, or replicas from offical images. there have been misunderstandings over this sort of thing before.

6. I have seen ecl's beedle the bard cover on HP wiki (with a file name along the lines of "beedlebardecl") so it does happen. people not even realise it's not an official image!

7. jhadha has listed items for sale on deviant art before, and either dosn't understand the "prints" thing there, or is denying selling the items. don't forget that engllish is not Jhadha's native laungage.

8. Jhadha has been a victim too... people have reposted his art as their own, I've reported a member for this recently.

sorry for such a long post, just getting my opinons out there.
now everyone please settle down and issues off-thread!


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@decat,..thanks for your comment,..sorry for being such a fool because of my language, misunderstand but im trying to communicate to all of you guys,..

so here's my Fergus Fungal Budge,.. but its not finish yet,..there's some emboss text in the original image,..can anyone here' know what text are??

i was using this to Mass Breakout DP,..




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decat, wow i had no idea the cover for beedle bard ended up on the potter wiki lol. It's the same full sized file that I had modified and posted here long ago. Now people are going to be fooled into thinking it's a picture of the actual prop. Interesting and just shows that once these images, replicas or not, end up online, they have a tendency of just appearing everywhere. And since we're just replicating something that someone else made anyways (the filmmakers), it makes things even more confusing, as opposed to us making our own original artwork here.

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