Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!


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oh,..i see some reference in one website but i can't remember the name,..i see one the content of this props so i decided to recreate it,..:)


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hey people, it is not about props but hp; have you heard about Auror's Tale?


btw i have found this book cover; Omens from bathilda baghshot

Bathilda hung a framed cover of this work in her home in the movie

oh and something else, i was really wondering which book was that the blue covered in the second picture? i have found its spine and now i know it is: Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms... :)
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does anyone know the dimensions of the movie copy of beedle the bard?

i found exhibition notes by lukeforester1- http://www.therpf.com/f64/harry-potter-free-paper-props-all-movies-108986/index130.html#post1805422

lots of book dieensions in there, but not beedle.
Using the full cover image from HP Wiki the dimensions work out to 6.5" w x 7.75" h for the front cover and back cover. The spine is about 1" wide.

Those dimensions look pretty close when you compare the size of the book to the Daily Prophets and other props in the images of HP Tour.



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i dont know why i get no answer from people about the things that i write here. i wrote about hermione mail prop replicas, letters from emily and her mom&dad which i am sure a few people are aware of it, i got absolutely no answer. i shared my infortmation about some unpopular book covers and no answer at all! i wrote about hp inspired web series and again no answer. if people are aware about everything then i dont see any meaning to share our informations here. i shouldnt take it personal i guess :)


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what about this jhadha? :) this is absolutely from Jhadha's work! i just want to give him an idea... it looks perfect Jhadha :) maybe this could help you.