Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!


@jhadha: Thank you for removing it. I would use some other method of uploading stuff in the future, uploading something to Deviantart implies that you created it as that is what Deviantart is for.


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jhadha: there are 2 different Ocky Rot bottle label. on is on the first page. Font For Schletters Fine Whisky, I will start asking.


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norbert, the ockyrot label is on the front page, as are others.

seventeenmoons, try googling them. the weasley wedding invatation is from the film wizardry book, and there are other free versions of the basilisk page about.
decat wheres the attaments for all of Bfd
what do you all make of this?

"Yes, it's really funny actually that next to no one realized the snake that Harry set free in Philosopher's Stone turned out to be Voldemort's final Horcrux, Nagini." - JK Rowling.

Also this is the book cover WB put out on a shirt
its on her site as a fake she said its false besides theyre differenzt species of snake


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@norbert: is that card from the wizarding world theme park? I didn't know they had a new one!


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@norbert: is that card from the wizarding world theme park? I didn't know they had a new one!
Yeah, it is. It's a Limited edition one! I swear it's absolutely amazing. I've the 5 cards of the collection, and I hope they will release more cards this year... maybe... Snape? :)


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@dizzydisaster: okay thanks
@decat: What picosbeak123 is right, however expect to pay around $15 over the normal price, for it if your at the park. I don't know why they when with the Limited edition idea. I say they just add in up to 2-4 new cards a year. I think the trio should be next. It was interesting when I read the back of this his card here when I got it and looked at the one from the movie when we saw it and it's different, like it has been update with info. I say that cool. So right know there are 5 cards in the collection.

@picosbeak123: do we know if Snape every made it to a frog card, I think only Harry would have wanted to make it happen, after all it was hard enough for him to get the painting. Remember not everyone in wizarding world makes it on a card.


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Dark arts dealer!!! Hahahahaha!!
I bought mine from him too! I'm from spain, so I don't have other way to buy they.
I've for now the 5 cards; the 4 founders and Dumbledore, and they are amazing. I don't know if I would love the trio cards... I prefer some other wizards or witches first... Maybe Newt Scamander or the snitch's inventor. It would be nice.
I'm leaving there a video ''review'' (it's not really a review, it's only a vid showing every card) of my collection.
Chocolate frog cards complete collection. - YouTube

I also made few months my own version of Dumbledore and Snape cards, I will post they later.


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Thymo: there great, there where all written by Jo, and the frog it self is good to. the image and back round move to it's nice a well crafted card.


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It would be nice if they would make hard-copy Chocolate Frog cards with real photo shots of the 42 drawn Wizard of the Month Archive witches and wizards that Jo Rowling already wrote blurbs on (see her site). It would be funny to see who they could come up with to actually look like some the humorous and goofy characters in that group.

Here is the list:
1. Felix Summerbee
2. Gwenog Jones
3. Donaghan Tremlett
4. Honoria Nutcomb
5. Uric the Oddball
6. Glenda Chittock
7. Devlin Whitehorn
8. Ignatia Wildsmith
9. Derwent Shimpling
10. Artemisia Lufkin
11. Mungo Bonham
12. Gondoline Oliphant
13. Felix Summerbee (repeat)
14. Elfrida Clagg
15. Chauncey Oldridge
16. Bridget Wenlock
17. Gaspard Shingleton
18. Fifi LaFolle
19. Carlotta Pinkstone
20. Bowman Wright
21. Jocunda Sykes
22. Yardley Platt
23. Daisy Dodderidge
24. Grogan Stump
25. Fabius Watkins
26. Daisy Hookum
27. Tarquin McTavish
28. Erica Stainwright
29. Hambledon Quince
30. Idris Oakby
31. Lorcan d’Eath
32. Laurentia Fletwock
33. Harvey Ridgebit
34. Mnemone Radford
35. Tilden Toots
36. Magenta Comstock
37. Helga Hufflepuff
38. Salazar Slytherin
39. Godric Gryffindor
40. Rowena Ravenclaw
41. Albus Dumbledore
42. Harry Potter
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Can somebody make the note that Rita Skeeter attached with a copy of The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore ? that would be so great .