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@ TK-2126_MD, thank you for the novels... great post.
Gracias the idea was to add as filler, but that got me thinking of something more appropriate for the potions book, so i looked and was able to find all the works of Paracelsus!!!!! but in a circa 1980 computer font..... so i am currently passing that to more appropriate HP style font and givining it a book style, it was just one big huck of text jajajaj Will be loading that very soon

Hi i'd like to help, im sure u've already checked this one out, there's a pic of the cover too....
The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1 - Harry Potter Wiki
there are 10 spells in the wiki but 7 in pottermore, if u dont have an account in pottermore i'd gladly help!
PM in bound :)

These are two forms I made up for the MOM courtroom. The first was to go with the warrant BFD made. But I have another blank version, but in a different style. Both would be best printed out on Artist paper. What do you all think, I think they turned out alright . I don't know how you make such good detailed stuff I wish I could do it just as well:unsure.
P.S i'll put the second one in the next post
Looks awesome, looking for a job for the artsy part of the spell Book??:lol

For those of you looking to generate the insides of books, can I offer the following link. HOL.org.uk is some sort of on-line role play thing. In the library section a number of books are already well under way. It might be worth asking the people who run the site if they mind you using the work they've already generated.

HOL Virtual Hogwarts - HOL Library - Collaborative Writing

This is my first time posting (long time lurker around here, like many others, I owe a big thanks to all the people who have provided downloads on here, thanks to you guys my kids had an amazing Christmas day) If the link doesn't work then try hol.org.uk and head to the library section.
Sounds awesome will give them a buzz :)


I REALLY, REALLY, want the 'Howler to Ron', and the link on the front page are unclikable, if someone can repost I will be grateful, Thanx ;)


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I REALLY, REALLY, want the 'Howler to Ron', and the link on the front page are unclikable, if someone can repost I will be grateful, Thanx ;)
Lots of people have asked Hinky and Bfd to fix the links, and I think its best to read Hinkys post from above to Adam1 about it, that explains..



marcosf im waiting or try to make it your self i have made a howler by drawing on a envelop
Yeah i'm making the Polyjuice Potion page by myself, cause i dont find the clear version on the front page, and I don't like much of what I found...


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I need some font help can any body name this font. I might use it for an upcoming HP sign. Please let me know


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I love all the cool stuff that is being posted these days :) I myself am in the middle of my uni exams so not really active right now, although I am trying to write the inside of my Hogwarts, A History copy... thought it best to do that in English instead of my mother tongue (Flemish/Dutch), so I can throw it on here for other people to benefit from when I ever finish it.

Just a question though as well; on p. 190 of this thread I saw ecl's fabulous copy of Advanced Potion Making, the book bound version as well as the .zip that's free to download. On that page it said that that .zip map is still available for download for people who care to take the trouble to print them all themselves instead of ordering the copy. I've read through the rest of the pages of the thread but I can't seem to find the concerning posts; but when I click it, it sais that the download is private... is it offline then anyway, or am I doing something wrong?

I don't mean to pirate here, it's just that it looks soooo incredibly cool and I think I could die a happy woman if I managed to get a copy of that in my library...

And it might be a bit late, but happy 2012 everybody :) may all your Pottery dreams come true!


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@ElineEngels & Eldandil - It really depends on ecl, he is the creator of these pages, if he you could get an approval from him I'll upload my version asap.