Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones - Mashup Project - FINISHED

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First, we have the Lannister Wand, which I tweaked the profile of after printing, as it was a little too chunky for my liking. I think it's much sleeker now, and am very happy with it. The gems also still fit nicely after tweaking, which is also a massive relief!

View attachment 1053373 View attachment 1053374

Any feedback on this welcome!

Thing's are slowly moving towards completion. Should move quicker once the prints are all done and ready to go. I've just ordered a bunch of supplies for the project to get it finished, so I'd say no longer than a month before it's completed, but I don't want to rush - although I do want to get it done by then, as sunlight starts to disappear real soon, which isn't great for painting etc...

I'm also eager to get another project done by the end of the year, but I'm not sure I'll have time.

But anyway, that's where I am at the moment. the 'boring' stuff (RnD essentially..) is almost over..

I am with you and like the "sleeker" Lannister wand but (just one guys opinion) I like the space that is smoother under the lions mane on the thicker wand compared to mane coming all the way down to the "twisted band" on the thinner wand, just looks cleaner to my eyes...

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I am with you and like the "sleeker" Lannister wand but (just one guys opinion) I like the space that is smoother under the lions mane on the thicker wand compared to mane coming all the way down to the "twisted band" on the thinner wand, just looks cleaner to my eyes...
I agree with you on that also. :)


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So...we're close! Super close in fact!

Let's start with prints. Got all of the re-prints done.

Heartsbane pieces. The middle piece will be made from an actual piece of wood (Hopefully). Failing that, the design will be altered slightly, and it will have a leather strapped handle; but I'd really like to get the burl wood handle like Heartsbane has.

2019-08-30 16.23.18.jpg

Widows wail was re-printed the other day, but the newly seperated bottom piece wasn't quite good enough, so I adjusted it a little more, and now it's more or less perfect. It got a little bit of damage whilst I was removing the supports...but, each wand is going to be given a history, and so I will write the little chip into it's story (even though metal doesn't really chip...or I may just re-print it....again...)

2019-08-30 16.23.56.jpg
2019-08-30 16.24.02.jpg

The lions head for the Lannister wand didn't come out so great the other day, specifically around the bottom where it connect to the main wand piece. I mad this a little bigger, and also fixed the connection point, which was far too loose.

2019-08-30 16.23.13.jpg

2019-08-30 16.24.18.jpg

Just one more print to go now, and a major part of this project is complete!

2019-08-30 16.23.06.jpg

One more wand you say???

Yes, yes...the Targaryen wand is finally...COMPLETE! (laughs in high valerian)


I've slimmed it's profile down as much as I can. It's just over 4cm wide - maybe pushing 5cm. I think it's going to be practical to hold, but I wont find out until it's printed. Thinking it may have a more ceremonial background anyway, but we'll see....I've got a good story for this one!

So that's where I'm at right now...Stuff is arriving in the post (It's like Christmas). I got this 'fur' in the post today, which is going to cover the box for the Wildling Wand. (which I'm yet to start work on...it will be sculpted traditionally, and then cast in resin)

2019-08-30 09.08.39.jpg

More soon!


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A few updates. Got my re-prints all finished up, and the Targaryen Wand is currently printing. I've got all of the pieces lightly sanded, and I'll wet sand them a bit, and prime them in the coming days, and they should be good to go.

2019-09-10 10.37.12.jpg

I've got a template cut out for the 15 Inch wands, and I'll make some seperate boxes for those that require different sizes.

2019-09-06 10.18.15.jpg

I also did a little test on the gold paint I got, and it seems pretty good. This piece wasn't sanded at-all, and it ended up pretty good for a test piece. Will be better on a piece that's sanded a little.

2019-09-08 15.37.22.jpg

I've also been working on something else. Each of the wands will have a piece of parchment with a brief history of the wand, and I thought I'd show you the history I've come up with for the 4 house wands. The parchment backdrop is temp. I'll actually print and weather them myself.


I think that's everything up to date for now. Will post some pics of the Targaryen Wand once it's printed. I also need to make the Wildling wand, which shall happen SoonTM, along with the Nightking wand. I want to try and finish all the wands roughly together, but I may end up doing them all in batches.

More soon!


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Targaryen Wand came out great! It's actually really nice to hold aswell, which is completely accidental lol

2019-09-11 09.58.36.jpg
2019-09-11 09.58.49.jpg
2019-09-11 09.58.58.jpg
2019-09-11 09.59.06.jpg

All of the main pieces are now done, I just need to print the actually wand part. I was going to print one rough and one smooth, and make a mould, but I think I'm just going to save a little bit of time, and money, and print them.

2019-09-11 19.59.18.jpg

A little bit more glue testing today aswell. Picked up something called B-6000, which I'm pretty sure is a chinese knock-off of another type of glue. But it comes with a very fine nozzle, which is good, and does seem to be quite sticky. So fingers crossed this one works well. (We'll find out tomorrow I guess?)

One test on an old print, and one on the paint test piece. Also learned that sanding the shiny bit off the bottom of the gems really dulls them, so I will avoid doing that in the future.

2019-09-12 09.41.18.jpg

More soon!

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Few little updates..

Done a weathering test on some paper, which was pretty successful.

2019-09-13 10.57.56.jpg
2019-09-13 10.58.04.jpg
2019-09-13 10.58.14.jpg

I also did some assembly, and got the individual parts glued together with some Epoxy. Only bit that needs assembling now are the heartsbane pieces, but they need their wooden handle, which I need to make.

2019-09-13 16.01.38.jpg

I've also got a couple of actual wands printing right now. I was originally going to print a smooth and rough variant and make a mould, but it's actually going to save time and money to just print the stems for each wand individually. A 3mm steel rod through the whole wand should make it nice and strong.

Also got some more glue testing going on, but nothing really that interesting there..

More sooooon!


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Wand prints came out great. Printed 3 on the bed, each in 2 halves. Could print more if I print upright on supports without an angle. 6 more to print, a custom one for needle, and then generic smooth ones for the other wands. These are the rough variant I've made.

2019-09-14 10.23.46.jpg

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Not updated for a while, huh? lets change that!

First off, I got all of the wand pieces printed.

2019-09-16 10.05.45.jpg

Needle and the Targaryen wand were a little too small, so I reprinted those, as you can see below..

2019-09-23 13.44.13.jpg

You can probably spot that I have plugged up all of the drainage holes on the prints too, and given all of the pieces a sand with 120 grit paper. Quite light. Now I've finished resin printing, I can give all of these a coat of primer, which should show anywhere else which needs additional sanding/filling.

Needle fell off my desk, and the top snapped off. I did glue it, but decided to re-print it hollow, as this piece was printed solid for some strange reason..

2019-09-20 09.52.48.jpg

I also worked on a little bit more 3D stuff, making some decoration for the Nightking wand box.


I then printed them out on the Elegoo Mars.

2019-09-22 09.42.39.jpg

2019-09-23 13.33.24.jpg

I've also started making the boxes, so that they're ready once the wands are all painted up. The boxes are something I can work on whilst waiting for stuff to dry, be it moulds, paint or glue.

2019-09-21 13.42.13.jpg

2019-09-23 13.28.26.jpg

That's where I am on this project as of right now. Just waiting for the glue to dry on the boxes. All printing is done (I think/hope).

Still to do is:

Sculpt and resin cast Wilding Wand piece
Sculpt/cast and resin pour Nightking wand (Wand part will be solid clear, slightly blue, resin, which blends into the handle.)
Cut two smaller box templates, and get them all covered and finished.
Prime all wand pieces
Sand/fill (if needed) and then wet sand all wand pieces
Glue wands together, leaving handles separate.
Paint all wand pieces
Add gems where needed
Final assembly

So...lots to do, but I can just about see the finishing line on this project.

More soooooon! :D


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More updates...

A little (literally) update which I forgot in my last post. I got the little rubies for Longclaw Pommel cut and shaped. Started with a 10mm red gem, and then cut and sanded to shape. They are tiny, but fit pretty well. Perhaps a tiny bit more sanding to get the fit a little better, but we'll see.

2019-09-16 14.23.13.jpg

2019-09-16 14.57.42.jpg

Moving on...I got my test box covered and weathered. Lid fit was a little tight, but it was the tightest of all of them as base card, which is why I used it as my test piece.

2019-09-25 15.54.42.jpg

2019-09-26 13.01.02.jpg

2019-09-26 13.01.19.jpg

All this box needs is the foam insert and it's ready to go! After successfully making the test box, I moved on, and created the rest of the boxes for the 15" wands. There are two smaller boxes (which I'm cutting right now) that still need cutting, gluing, painting etc...

2019-09-17 09.55.48.jpg

2019-09-21 13.42.13.jpg

Bases and lids cut out

2019-09-24 09.12.54.jpg

Scored the fold lines, and folded to form the box shape

2019-09-24 09.56.57.jpg

Used contact adhesive to fix them into shape

2019-09-24 10.11.46.jpg

Applied a generous amount of PVA glue to all of the joints/folds

Once the glue was fully dry, I could move onto covering the bases. The lids for now I've left alone, just painting the inside with a good covering of black acrylic.

For the paper covering of the bases, I used the template as a starting point.

2019-09-27 09.30.31.jpg

I measure out 4cm from each side, and then connect the dots, drawing a diagonal line which will be the fold at the corners.

2019-09-27 09.16.14.jpg

I used PVA to glue the cover to the base, making the folds where needed.

2019-09-24 11.40.58.jpg

The covering leaves nice neat triangles on the corners, and the glue/paper combo shrivels up a little which will help to sell the old weathered look.

2019-09-27 17.27.08.jpg

I left them to dry before painting. The painting process for the bases was very simple. I took some brown acrylic paints, and then watered them down to create what is essentially a wash.

2019-09-30 11.10.53.jpg

The idea is to stain the paper rather than paint it - I didn't want a uniform color. I used a beaten up old brush with the bristles all scattered for this, and used a dabbing method to dab the wash all over the paper. Once dry(ish), I repeated the process, and added more paint to dry wet brush (if that makes sense) some more detailed areas where I wanted more variation.

2019-09-30 09.44.01.jpg

And this is what I've ended up with. Came out pretty good.

Finally, all of the wand pieces were cleaned up a little more, and then given their first coat of primer.

2019-09-26 13.41.22.jpg

I then did a little more cleanup where I saw was necessary, and then sprayed another light coat over the pieces. They are now more or less a wet sand away from being ready to paint!

This week, I'll get the Wildling wand and the Nightking wand sculpted and moulded, and then hopefully, everything will be ready to paint! We're getting there slowly!

That's all I've got for ya...more soon!


  • 2019-09-26 13.01.35.jpg
    2019-09-26 13.01.35.jpg
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Things are moving along nicely at the moment..

I've got the handle for the Heartbane wand made. It's not perfect by any stretch, but I'm pretty pleased with it considering I've never carved/shaped wood before, and I don't really have the ideal tools for this.

First step was to drill a hole through the middle for the 3mm rod. After trying it 'freehand' and wasting a piece of wood, I decided to print a couple little guides, which would keep the drill bit aligned, and create a nice clean hole. Worked perfectly..

2019-10-02 15.43.26.jpg

2019-10-02 16.01.42.jpg

I then used a combination of a dremel and a sharp blade to carve the wood. In the end the dremel wasn't really great, and I got much better results from cutting away slowly with the knife.

2019-10-04 12.40.46.jpg

Pretty cool!

Moving on, I finally got the sculpting for this project done. Although I could have easily sculpted and printed these parts in 3D space, I wanted to have some traditional sculpting in this project.

Firstly, I sculpted the Wildling Wand. I wanted this to be a little more rustic looking.

2019-10-04 16.19.53.jpg
2019-10-04 16.19.58.jpg
2019-10-04 16.55.00-1.jpg
2019-10-04 16.55.10.jpg

I've also sculpted the handle for the Nightking wand. This will have a clear resin wand, which will be done in two stages.

2019-10-04 16.54.21.jpg
2019-10-04 16.54.40.jpg
2019-10-04 16.54.49.jpg

Next step is to mould both of these, although I'm not sure if I have enough silicone at the moment, so might get half a mould for the time being...but will probably get some more ordered.

But that's all for now!


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Waiting for some silicon and resin to arrive, so I can mould the wand, and then cast the two pieces. I've got the mould for the Nightking handle done. I did try to cast it, but my resin kicked reaaaaal fast, and I couldn't actually fill the mould before it did so...

The mould isn't the prettiest mould I've ever made, but It'll work just fine, and that's all that really matters.

2019-10-06 10.58.20.jpg
2019-10-07 09.10.58.jpg

Yeah...real messy mould, but the jagged lines help it all fit together nicely o_O But as I say, it'll do it's job, and that's all that matters!

Moving on. I wanted to get the Wildling wand box done next, and so that's what I did. I started by covered the base with some suede like fabric. I also covered the inside of the lid with the same fabric, making sure overlapped it slightly onto the outside.

2019-10-05 11.28.07.jpg

The lid for this one was a little tight, but the fabric on fabric is much less friction than the cardboard, and so it slides on and off pretty nicely now.

The lid was then covered in some faux fur...Direwolf, of course. I tried to use PVA (which I'd used for the other fabric) but it was a little too thick or spongy I guess? I dunno, I didn't work anyway...so in the end, I used some contact adhesive, which stuck it nicely.

2019-10-07 14.31.48.jpg

I then made some leather straps. I used some scrap leather I had gotten off of ebay. I cut them into long strips, and then doubled them over, using contact glue to stick the two sides together. This made the strap thicker, and more rigid. The buckles I too got off ebay, pretty cheap from china.

Never made straps before, but it's super easy! (old wand design for scale? ignore that...I was using it to prop the box up for pics)

2019-10-07 14.31.29.jpg

I made two, as I originally planned for one strap on each end, but I think I much prefer the single strap down the middle. What do you think?

2019-10-07 14.30.55.jpg
2019-10-07 14.33.31.jpg

Will update again, probably once the wand mould has been made, and both have been cast in resin. Once they are done, I can do a final quick sand to get everything ready for painting, and we can move into the home stretch! SoonTM

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Update time!

We'll start where we left off I guess: moulds!

So I got the mould made for the Night King wand handle in the last part. I tried casting it in the resin I had, but the kick time was ridiculously short - Like, a couple of minutes if that. I was also having some trouble pouring it cleanly. So I did two things: I cut the pour hole to be a little wider, and I grabbed some resin with a lower cure time. This meant I had much longer to pour the mould, and make sure it was all filled up nicely. Both combined did the trick, and I was able to pour the mould with ease, and get a nice clean pull.

2019-10-10 10.13.42-1.jpg
2019-10-10 10.13.59.jpg

The next thing I did was to make the mould for the wildling wand. This was a little bit of a pain, but I got a half decent mould in the end, although I did have to scrape every last drop of silicone out the bottles. I had literally just enough to make the mould.

2019-10-09 17.39.40.jpg
2019-10-10 10.13.03.jpg

Now...I had a little bit of a oops when casting this one. The mould was all clamped up, and ready to go...

2019-10-11 14.15.26.jpg

I began to pour my resin, and thought to myself: Huh, this is going very well. Nice clean pour. Ok, should be reaching the top any minute now...any minute no--FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

2019-10-11 14.26.52.jpg

Straight out the bottom. I found the problem area, and grabbed a clamp, and put it around the bottom, and tightened it just enough to stop the leak - I didn't want to squish the mould. I stopped the leak, and still had a decent amount of resin left - which thanks to the longer working time - I was able to carry on the pour. I reached the top, and left it until the next day (like, an hour ago as of this post). Thank the moulding gods! No bubbles, and a near enough perfect pull!

The leak also dried, and came up in one big piece. It also took a load of muck off the desk, so...maybe I've stumbled upon a novel way of cleaning work benches. Just spill resin all over it!

2019-10-11 16.46.04.jpg
2019-10-12 09.13.41.jpg
2019-10-12 09.16.57.jpg
2019-10-12 09.17.25.jpg
2019-10-12 09.31.21.jpg

Whilst all of this was going on, I turned my attention to the Night King wand. With the handle cast, It was time to move onto the main wand stem. To give it some additional strength, and to attach it to the handle, I need to place a 3mm rod in the middle. Trouble was, I didn't want to see an obviously metal rod through my clear (or very murky, as you're about to see) wand. So, I thought it would be fun to disguise it as the wands core, which is...Child of the Forest Heart String. (ewwwww!)

So, obviously, I had no idea what that looks like, and I wasn't about to google anything remotely similar. So I did my best guess. I started out by using some string, and unravelling it a little, and gluing it onto the rod with some PVA glue.

2019-10-08 11.31.59.jpg

I refined it a little, and then, once happy, I gave it a coat of XTC-3D to lock it all in.

2019-10-08 13.12.33.jpg

Once that was cured, I sprayed it with some primer.

2019-10-09 09.24.41.jpg

I then brushed on a base coat of red. Annoyingly, I didn't have any red acrylic at hand, so I had to use some Humbrol Enamel, which meant, I had to leave it for a day to dry, and even then, it was still sticky to the touch! (!!!!!)

2019-10-10 13.38.08.jpg

Looks a little ridiculous just red...So, I had a blue and a purple acrylic lying around, so used that to paint...veins? I guess? I dunno...but it sorta turned out cool..

2019-10-10 14.00.41.jpg

Some of these pictures are truly dreadful....it's been very wet and dismal around here the past week, and my phones camera is rubbish unless it has decent light. But anyway...

I then gave it a black wash..

2019-10-11 10.58.18.jpg

Much better!

It was then time to cast the Night King wand, with this in the middle; essentially a blind leap of faith, and you'll see why in a sec..

For the Night King 'mould', I printed a shell, allowing the the excess rod to be inserted, and then wrapped it in baking paper, and duck tape. I strapped a steel rod to it aswell to give it some vertical strength. The printed shells were removed, minus the piece for the rod to sit.

2019-10-11 11.15.54.jpg
2019-10-11 11.21.08.jpg

I then mixed my "clear" resin (Glass like, watery clear, they describe it as...). I wanted a little bit of a blue tinge, and so added a tiny weeny little bit of blue dye...no, really...it was hardly any...

2019-10-11 11.47.26.jpg

Yeah...waaaaaaay too blue. So I used it to clean out the wildling wand mould. Shortly after this, I read "Do not use this in condensation cured silicone..." Errrr

So I ripped that out the mould as quick as a could. I was a little concerned that it wasn't going to cure, because these "test pieces" if you like, were quite floppy, and I then read on the bottle, that the recommended depth was up to 25mm. The wand is 2.5mm x 290mm...But this was all after I had poured it into the mould, so not much I could do.

This one - thankfully - didn't leak out the bottom.

2019-10-11 11.47.31.jpg

I waited once again until the next day, and I unwrapped it to reveal...clear, glass like...oh, no, forget that. It's murky dish water...nice!

2019-10-12 09.28.43.jpg

Now, you may push up your glasses, and say "well, you're supposed to put it in a pressure pot..." or something, but I don't have that! I have some basic tools and a dream, dammit! I'm hoping, that the main source of the murkiness is from the matt outer finish from the baking powder. I'm hoping once it's shaped, and wet sanded, it will come up a little clearer. But the murkiness could add a layer of mystery to the inner core, I guess...

Final thing, I got the wand stems all glued up, filled and sanded. I just need to cut the metal rods to the correct length now, and they'll be goo to go.

I think that's everything up to date. I've got to leave the NK wand for 48 hours minimum, so hopefully tomorrow, I can get it shaped. I'll probably work on getting the boxes all finished up this weekend, or at the very least the lids covered.

I've got a check list of things left to do, and it's getting pretty short now. I think that we might be finished by this time next week!

More soooooon!


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Really digging your work! Thanks for posting and keeping us informed of your progress - very creative and lot of fun to follow along!


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I've done quite a lot over the past couple days, so let get updated!

First, as always, we'll start where we left off with the casting of the Wildling Wand, and the Night King Wand.

2019-10-12 09.13.41.jpg
2019-10-12 09.16.57.jpg
2019-10-12 09.17.25.jpg

Little of cleanup to do, but a pretty perfect pull apart from a small hole from the pour spout.

Next we move onto the Night King Wand, and shaping it...

2019-10-13 14.01.41.jpg
2019-10-13 16.24.45.jpg

Quickly realised it was a stupidly messy job. I was covered head to toe in a white powder....looked like the snow monster from Empire Strikes Back!

But anyway, I kept attacking it with my dremel, and got a shape I was kinda happy with at the time, but looking at it now, I kinda don't like it at-all in it's current form...But I think I can save it. But I got it wet sanded up to 1500 grit, and it came up pretty nice. Little murkier than I'd hoped, but not too bad.

2019-10-14 16.52.14.jpg

2019-10-14 16.52.52.jpg

I know exactly how I want it to look, I just don't really know how to achieve it using my dremel. It's the only useful tool I have for this kinda thing, so it's either dremel, or a large file and trying to do it by hand. I want it to look more choppy and jagged. A reminder of what my concept for it looked like..


So I'm going to have to come up with something for that, maybe attack it with the dremel some more, and hold my nerve a little, as I an kinda holding myself by the fact that it's a one chance kinda thing? if that makes sense...

But moving on...

I got all of the wand histories finished up, printed and weathered. Simple process really. Grab some tea - I used 5 or 6 bags. Make some tea - no milk or sugar - obviously...

Pour tea, and use a brush to spread it out a bit. Let it settle for a while...

2019-10-13 10.26.15.jpg

Pour loose tea back into container, and dab paper with kitchen roll to remove excess moisture...

2019-10-13 10.15.46.jpg

2019-10-13 10.15.54.jpg

Bake in the oven, until well risen, or golden brown....

2019-10-13 11.32.58.jpg

Repeat ten more times..

I also got most of the box lids covered too, apart from the two smaller boxes, as I ran out of leather. I've also made a new box for the Night King wand, as it was a little too small, which means my maths has failed me once again!

2019-10-15 17.37.04.jpg

They're pretty tight fits right now, but once I file the corners of the bases a little, they should be a little looser.

Final update for today - I got the rods for the main wands cut to the right sizes, which meant I got to see all of the wands 'assembled' for the first time!

2019-10-15 16.34.29.jpg
2019-10-15 16.34.48.jpg
2019-10-15 16.48.04.jpg

Next step will probably be to attack the Night King wand some more, and get it looking more like what I have in my brain.
But that's all I've got for ya..

More soon!


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Update time!

This may well be my final update before it's all finished! So lets, catch the thread up to where I am as of...well, right now!

So, after seeing the Night King wand with all of the others, I really wasn't happy with it. It didn't capture what I originally wanted, and so changed needed to be made. I had to throw caution to the wind, and sort of just go for it. Part of me was holding back a little when using the dremel, as I didn't want to ruin it, or sand too far and hit the 'core'. But I had to forget that if I was going to achieve a result I was happy with.

I started with a large file, and filed parts off, forming a more streamlined shape.

2019-10-16 11.05.14.jpg

I had slimmed it down a fair bit, but it was remaining annoyingly rounded. So I made some large flat spots all over, until the roundness was all but gone. I then used the dremel a little more to finish it off. I had finally got rid of the roundness, and was happier. I gave it a quick clean up wet sand, and then a coat of XTC-3D. It really gave it a shine, and cleared up the murkiness.

2019-10-16 16.40.45.jpg

I still wasn't overly sure about it. But I decided to drill the hole in the handle, and do a test fit. I was instantly much happier with it upon seeing it attached to the handle. It's kinda difficult to picture at the moment, but It looks sooooo much better than it did before hand!

2019-10-20 16.08.59.jpg

A few bits are a little dull, as I think I handled it a little too much before it was fully cured. A high grit wet sand should clean those parts up and have it glassy smooth.

The majority of the prep work for the final stages was now done. I did a little bit of clean up on the wildling wand; sanding the seams, and filling the pour hole. I used a little bit of epoxy glue to do that..

2019-10-19 20.11.51.jpg

The final step before painting was to get the wand boxes finished up. I wanted to do these first before painting, because I needed to use the wands in the process, and didn't want to be handling freshly painted items too much.

Each box got a foam insert, which was then coated in some crushed velvet. £5 on ebay for 1x 1.5m of the stuff - Bargain! I picked up a few different colors (although, I really should have grabbed some more...grrrr!), as well as some decorative ribbon.

The foam inserts were pretty simple to make, but very tedious, and surprisingly hard work. My back doesn't approve!

I started with a card template for each wand. I made the template by simply drawing around the rough profile of each wand. Some are pretty crude, and in no way symmetrical. I tried to fix this as I went..

2019-10-20 16.22.02.jpg

I then traced this pattern on some foam. The foam is two layers thick, with the template cut out on the top piece. I then place the wand inside the foam, and see if anything needs to be added or taken away. I'm not concerned with getting a super tight fit, aslong as the wand fits the space nicely, it'll do.

2019-10-18 10.52.36.jpg

This is the template for the Targaryen Wand. A strip of foam is added up the middle to deal with the height difference between the handle and the wand stem. This allows everything to sit more or less flush. I also added a little bit of foam where the side of the head would fit, again, allowing it to rest flush, rather than at an angle. The fit for this wand was a little too close for comfort, but it's just about a loose enough fit.

I then placed the velvet inside loose, to check that the fit was still good with the fabric.

2019-10-18 11.10.52.jpg

For this wand, I used a real thin layer of PVA glue to stick it down. I wasted an entire day trying to figure out the best way to do this, as I was unable to locate my double sided tape. The next day, however, after finishing just 3 boxes, and feeling very frustrated, I found the tap, which allowed me to pretty quickly power through and finish the others.

Some more examples:

2019-10-20 10.20.08.jpg
2019-10-20 10.20.18.jpg

Only one wand had an oddly crap fit, and it's the Baratheon wand. The perfectionist in me wants to tweak it, but I also want to finish this project before the next ice age, so...you know...

I've got 10 of the 11 boxes done. I'm just waiting on some black velvet to finish the Night King box. it requires a little more work anyway, so I don't mind waiting to finish that one.

But that's the thread all caught up. I am no ready to start painting, which is the moment I've been dying to get to for weeks! We're into the last few days of this project, and so far, Its been super fun. Thanks for all of the kind comments so far, they help alot! :D

More soooooon!

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Don't want to see this ad? Sign up for anRPF Premium Membershiptoday. Support the community. Stop the ads.