Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones - Mashup Project - FINISHED

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So...the Elegoo Mars is up and running. Got my setup for it all sorted, including a UV curing chamber of doooom!

Here is the test piece which came with the printer. Likely do another test print tomorrow, slicing something myself. Then, I'll start printing the wand pieces! I'm probably going to give it a trial by fire, and throw the Targaryen dragon sculpt at it first.

2019-08-06 16.50.32.jpg

2019-08-06 17.03.38.jpg

2019-08-06 17.03.06.jpg

Should get some real updates in the next couple of days!


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Right...we've finally made it, and we're actually creating stuff now!

First print on the Elegoo Mars for this project was the Oathkeeper Wand. Came out great, and learnt a few things which I can adjust for the other files.

2019-08-08 16.30.01.jpg
2019-08-08 16.30.11.jpg
2019-08-08 16.30.30.jpg

Will set this aside for the time being - and will come back to it once all the 3D files are printed. Clean up looks to be minimal, which is a huge bonus. Probably some wet sanding will be all that required..


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Needle Wand handle print came out great! Longest print on the Elegoo Mars so far, at ~9 hours. Printed it solid instead of hollow - still not decided on whether or not I'm going to cast all of these. I like the weight of the solid resin; hollow is a tad too light I think. They're all pretty small, so casting pieces isn't too complicated, and won't use much silicone/resin.

Got all but the Targaryen wand print ready, and have adjusted all of the holes I made for the little gems - so any wand could be next, i'll decide in the morning. Might be Widows Wail or the Baratheon wand.

2019-08-09 19.00.49.jpg
2019-08-09 19.01.00.jpg
2019-08-09 19.01.09.jpg
2019-08-09 19.01.17.jpg

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I'm tempting the sanding gods today, by printing two wands at the same time!

Widows Wail, and the House Baratheon Wand. See you in 12 hours or so!



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Aaaaaand we've had our first almost failure, which is pretty much down to me completely missing some super obvious things. Ooops!

Well, here it is anyway: Heartsbane.

2019-08-11 16.16.52.jpg
2019-08-11 16.16.57.jpg

Images make it look better than it is. There is some super thin geometry in places. Whole thing just needs bulking up a little. Still super impressed by the tiny details the printer was able to achieve though, even with one side being cracked (hidden :p )

Changes to be made, but plus side, the hole for the gem is perfect, which is pretty unusual, as most of the others have needed to be tweaked a little.

More soooooon! :D


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Few parts printing today - The House Stark Wand
Whilst that's doing so, I've redesigned the House Baratheon wand. I wasn't happy with it at-all. Much happier with this result, and took a little inspiration from Robert Baratheons sword, which is quite unique in design.

I've added a crown (of stag antlers) around the top, which represents the crowned stag sigil, as they are (were?) a royal house.

There is room for Three gems, probably Amber.


Old Wand

I think it's a much better design. What do you all think?

More updates soon! :D


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So yesterday I got the House Stark Wand printed. Not the most exciting print, but it came out pretty well. A few minor tweaks needed, but nothing major.

2019-08-13 17.59.37.jpg
2019-08-13 18.00.32.jpg

Nothing printing today. But I have decided that the pommel for the House Lannister Wand (Lions Head) aswell as Long Claws pommel will be sculpted in Blender, and printed. It seems silly not too now I have this printer. I do want to do some real world sculpting for this project though, which I'll do for the Wildling Wand and the Nightking wand.

We started off with longclaw. Mostly finished, but for a few small tweaks. Pretty simple honestly.


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Nothing interesting to print at the moment - just finalising a few bits with the final models before I print them, and I need to do a couple of small test prints. But in the mean time, I'm finishing up the modelling parts of the project in 3D space.

Here is my progress on the Lannister Wand Pommel.


Not much more to do on this now, pretty happy with how it's going. Just some small tweaks, and some general refining.

As far as printing goes, I have the Lannister Wand to print, aswell as Longclaw and Targaryen, which I'm not quite satisfied with as of yet, and then all of the reprints, which is nearly all of them, as most have needed some small tweaks, mainly tolerances for fitting, and for gems.

I also need to get the actual wands modelled, and or made. I think I'm going to model a couple of variations - rough and smooth - and then allocate them to wands based on how I think each one would be. All the holes and connection points are the same size more or less for every wand, so they should be pretty universal. I'll then either print the wands and cast them, or I'll just use the resin prints once glued together; not decided quite yet.

But all in all, progress is going well, if not a little bit slower than I would like. But things should ramp up in speed once all of the parts are printed and ready to go.


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So, lets start off with our prints. Today was a test print kind of day. I wanted to test the tolerence of the gems for the Lannister Wand, to make sure that they fit, and that the recess was deep enough. So I took a section, and duplicated it. One has the original depth, the other is slightly deeper.

In reality, I should have printed little test pieces like this for all the gems slots before I printed the wands out, but oh well...

They came out well. The hole is slightly too small I'd say; they could be a smidge bigger. But I think the deeper holes will be a little better.

2019-08-16 17.30.20.jpg
2019-08-16 17.34.10.jpg
2019-08-16 17.35.45.jpg

Also, whilst we're here. I printed this little test piece the other day too, which I don't think I showed. It's a test fit for the tear drop shaped gem. The fit is slightly loose, but it means getting it in the slot is nice and easy, so I'll allow it. Depth is good..

2019-08-16 17.37.41.jpg

I also did another test print on the Stark wand, specifically the engraving. It wasn't as clear as I would have liked the first time, so I scaled it up a little, and made the extrude a little deeper. This is the result:

2019-08-16 17.30.12.jpg

Much cleaner. It's also only on one side this time too, as I think the engraving on both sides is a little unnecessary.

Let's move onto the Lannister wand again. I've now more or less finished the Lannister Wand Pommel. Really happy with how this had turned out, and I'll do a test print of this, and Longclaw pommel over the weekend. (tomorrow probably)


Anyway, that's all folks for today. More updates soooooon! :D


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Yesterday I printed the main part of the Lannister Wand. The print came out pretty great, but I wasn't happy with it. It seemed a little too thick, and the profile seemed wrong.

2019-08-19 20.31.44.jpg

I wanted to slim it down a bit. So I've reduced the thickness a little, and the gems have gone from a 16 3mm holes, to 12. I've also made a few minor adjustments to the Lions profile to blend it in a little. A couple more tweaks, but I'm much preferring the overall profile of this one.


I've also been re-working the Heartsbane Wand a little. I needed to beef it up a little generally, as there was some thin geometry; But I also realised that there were some inaccuracies in my interpretation. Notably, the arrow at the top was upsidedown, and the bottom piece was all wrong. Top to bottom actually makes up an arrow, with the arrow at the top, and the fletch at the bottom. I've now rectified that, and made the some changes.


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Re-prints for those that need it are underway, and I'm closing in on finally finalising the Targaryen Wand, but more on that later.

First, we have the Lannister Wand, which I tweaked the profile of after printing, as it was a little too chunky for my liking. I think it's much sleeker now, and am very happy with it. The gems also still fit nicely after tweaking, which is also a massive relief!

2019-08-28 09.27.10.jpg
2019-08-28 09.27.27.jpg

Moving over the the Targaryen Wand, I'm near completion on finalising the design for that one, which I've really struggled to look right. I think I'm there now, more or less.


Any feedback on this welcome!

Thing's are slowly moving towards completion. Should move quicker once the prints are all done and ready to go. I've just ordered a bunch of supplies for the project to get it finished, so I'd say no longer than a month before it's completed, but I don't want to rush - although I do want to get it done by then, as sunlight starts to disappear real soon, which isn't great for painting etc...

I'm also eager to get another project done by the end of the year, but I'm not sure I'll have time.

But anyway, that's where I am at the moment. the 'boring' stuff (RnD essentially..) is almost over..

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