Halo 5 Guardians Weapons For 3D Print

The Irish Cowbo

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On to the good stuff. I do plan on making every Halo weapon at some point, so I am not taking requests. In progress right now are the AR, Hydra, & SMG. As the grenade from halo 4 to 5 has not changed, I will also include it here. These models will not be released, however casts will eventually be available. Weapons will have features such as LCD ammo counters, working triggers, bolts, safety's, stocks, sling mounts, scopes, sights, grips etc. Final renders will be in HD. Completed so far are the M9 grenades, the sniper rifle round, the sniper rifle, the smg and the shell and round from the hydra. In progress are the AR and Hydra.

Sniper Rifle

- - - Updated - - -


- - - Updated - - -


- - - Updated - - -


Progress on the MA5D

All for now, for updates on the production of these for 3D prints please visit: https://www.facebook.com/ArmorypropsBCThe Halo 4 MA5D casts will be for sale soon
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