GW Imperial Knight - glowing eyes

Raven Morpheus

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Hey all

I have a Games Workshop Imperial Knight model. I'd like to light the head so it's "eyes" light up. Basically like a pair of headlights would. However I'm a little stumped on how to achieve that.

I've seen people stick LEDs into the head, but this seems rather crude and requires that the head be hollowed out - it also means you're likely to lose the movement GW provide in the head joint.

So I thought about using fibre optic strands, run them through the head, routing them so as to avoid the moveable joint, and into the cavity in the body where a battery and LED will be housed.

The head itself has a 1.5mm to 2mnm pair of holes for the eyes, but there's no way I'll be using that thick a gauge of fibre optic strand and because of that it will end up looking like just a couple of pin pricks of light unless I diffuse the light.

So, how do I diffuse the end of the fibre optic strands so I get a decent headlight effect?

Would it simply be a matter of filling the eyes with lets say Microscale Krystal Klear (i.e. clear drying PVA glue) to make a "lens" and having the fibre optic strands sit just behind the new "lenses"?

Thanks in advance for and help on this.
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