Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Neutrona Wand (Spengler wand add-ons)


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Made some add ons for the HasLab Spengler wand, to be more accurate to the new Frozen Empire upgrades.
Here are the first attempts.

I made some changes to each piece (barrel shroud, heatsink and foregrip)
, and have them printing at the moment.
Do you know of anyone going to make the frozen empire front bumper, thank you
Several people have already produced the 'tri-bumper' as 3D-printing files. It's also been added to the open-source 'Q-pack' repository along with all the other changed parts to the pack (and wand) like the new powercell door, centre connector strip, ion arm, heatsink, 'flash guard' etc. So if you have access to a 3D-printer that's probably your best bet currently.

Right now I'm not personally aware of anyone offering a printed/finished one for sale, but I'm sure they'll be turning up on Etsy and elsewhere quite soon... if not already!

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