Started lighting...I harvested some "flickering LED's" from these dollar store "tea lights"...these will drive new LED's....

48 tea light apart.jpg

Built a test circuit board with four colors of LED's, including red, purple, yellow and green for a "spooky" random flashing effect inside....Aware that some are not interested in the electrical/lighting phase, I'll stop here on this subject, unless interested parties want a detailed explanation of how it's wired.....

49 Test circuit board.jpg

The brick walls were ready to receive some attention. The mortar mix is a very watered down Liquitex Modeling paste.

50 Mix mortar.jpg

I brushed it on and immediately wiped away the excess with a finger.

51 mortar closeup.jpg

At the same time, I'm building a base from 7/32" (5.5mm) plywood. Just enough room around the model perimeter for a side walk in the front & right sides, and some grungy alley neglect on the back and left side. Power jack on the right.

52 begin base.jpg

Building up two coats of drywall compound & will scribe expansion lines into later...

53 base plaster.jpg

The wiring is concealed thru the chimney chase, and under the base to meet up with the DC power jack.
I'll be using a 12 volt wall wart.

54 Dc power jack.jpg

Till next time...
I scribed sidewalk expansion lines in the dried joint compound, and painted a first coat of concrete gray.

55 Paint concrete.jpg

I built a simple roof, just masking tape over a black foam core.

56 Roof start.jpg

Glue up of the last (side) wall..goodbye (permanently) to lighting access..

57 Glue 4 walls.jpg

1st layer of a narrow strip of alley scenery.

59 Scenery.jpg

58 Alley scenery.jpg

I asked my son-in-law to use his sculpting skills to create the large filigree above the door, and the double-sided Ghostbusters logo sign. He used Sculpey Primo for the logo, and Sculpey Firm for the filigree. These are after they were baked in the oven....

60 Clay nick filigree and sign.jpg

I glued the two halves of the logo together, and I painted them white and red.

61 Painted logo clothespin.jpg

The filigree received a coat of gold gilding wax.

62 gold filigree test.jpg

Till next time... Final pix outdoors.
Scrolled through your thread. Outstanding model work. Great subject choice. Your use of construction pictures beautifully show many skilled techniques, tools, materials and references used to create an extremely realistic building.
Searun- Thank you very much. I always enjoy sharing as much as feasible, in order to encourage others.

Joberg- Thanks, I appreciate your continued support. I've built many masonry/brick buildings, and painting
several shades of red on individual bricks is a reliable, albeit tedious, technique.
Looking great! Can't wait to see the sign in place.
One question, though: the 4 circles with stars on the front, below the ledge - were they on the building in the film? I only did a quick image search, but it seems like they might've only been present in its pre-renovation state in the movie. Here's a couple pics (sorry for the quality):


It seems like they just covered over that entire section, including the engraved "8 - Hook & Ladder - 8" writing.
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Thank you Bloop.

I'm not sure if the stars were on the building in the movie or not.
I don't own a DVD of the film to analyze.

I found many photos of the building over the years, and it fell into serious disrepair.
The stars were so heavily soiled at one point... to be nearly black!

When it was finally restored by the city of NY, the stars were cleaned up, to what I would assume to be their original condition.
I liked the look, so I made them stand out on the model.

Also, two more stars are mounted on each sidewall as well.
Final pix ... Hook & Ladder #8 station... otherwise known as the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

After cutting the 12 1/2" x 5 3/4" (317mm x 146mm) base, we decided the Ecto1 car and 4 characters just didn't have enough room to display properly. There's only 1" (25mm) from the walls to the edge.

I needed 3 walls to be assembled early on in the process, to align mitered corner moldings. This made it extremely difficult to work on.
I deliberately kept weathering to a bare minimum.

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on this thread. I appreciate the encouragement of all forum members (and guests too). Many challenges were here. I learned some new things-tried a few techniques. I hope I explained my procedures plainly, and passed on some construction tips along the way....any questions, just ask.

GB Firehouse Final 1.jpg

GB Firehouse Final 3.jpg

GB Firehouse Final 4.jpg

GB Firehouse Final 5.jpg

B Firehouse Final 6.jpg

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