Limited Run Ghostbusters™ Terror Dog


Official Licensee
Chronicle Collectibles is proud to present the ultimate licensed Ghostbusters Terror Dog replicas. Rotocast in resin, hand-painted like the actual filming puppet, the Keymaster (horn tips point up) and the Gatekeeper (tips point down) are now available for sale.

Two versions are available, a Standard Edition and a Legacy Series Edition — limited to 250 — with signed plaque and custom plaque holder. Horns for both versions are included with each Terror Dog.

Cast from the original FX mold — the mold that birthed the rubber puppets used in the film — the prototype was restored by Kristina Lucas Francis and approved by the original sculptor, Randall William Cook. In fact, the accompanying name plaques will bear Cook’s original autographs. The Terror Dog stands on its own four feet, and requires no base. He will easily fit in with your favorite models and prop replicas, or tower above the smaller Ghostbusters action figures that you’ve collected over the years.


Dimensions: 24″L x 12″W x 11″H
Includes: two horn sets (tips up and tips down)
Artist: Randall William Cook
Material: Hand-painted resin
Manufacturer/Distributor: Toynami
Licensor: ™ & © 2014 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Price: $500 for Standard Edition and $600 for limited Legacy Series Edition plus shipping


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Official Licensee
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They got caught in the Los Angeles and Long Beach port strikes in California, but we expect them in our shop within the month.

They are fully licensed by Sony pictures, and approved and signed by Randall William Cook.

We are super excited! We do have payment plans on our website if you'd like to reserve one before they ship. Thank you so much for your feedback!
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