ghostbuster proton pack vhook alternative

Sean Adams

New Member
so im currently in the process of building my own proton pack. its not movie accurate or anything, but its a good enough replica for what i need.

anyways on trying to search out the ellusive vhook used to mount the wand to the proton pack i came accross something that i think might help a lot of people out

i have absolutely nothing to go on as to what the actual things really were that they got in the film but after a long search of ebay i came across something that look very familiar
1.jpg 2.jpg

as you can see form the packaging they are called camera mounting shoes, one is the male the other is the female part

it took me a long time to find them but know that i know what the actually are and im looking for the right thing they are a lot easier to find :)

another thing that caught my eye as an alternative was this
considering its a lot cheaper than the metal camera shoes i thought it would be a nice thing to try
looking at it it will need to be modified as the front of the male end looks like it has a pressure clip to it, but cutting that off in theory it should just slide right into the female part with gravity holding it in place once the wand is locked in

anyway i know it took me a long time to find these parts so im hoping this helps a few other people out there

the more accurate fitting is the camera shoe but i think for a few pounds the gopro attachment should work just fine for a working alternative
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