Ghetto ninja turtle shell ( and zombie :) )


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So this year's cheap-as-chips hallowe'en costume for Lee ( My now-5-year-old son ) is a Ninja Turtle.

The shell is made from packing foam ( Jing Gong G36C airsoft rifles ;) ).
Cut to shape, and stuck together with spray adhesive, then slathered in black gutter sealant ( Back shell ) and white bath sealant ( Front shell ).

Two shoulder straps were made from 2" elastic I had lying around, again stuck on with spray adhesive, reinforced with gaffa tape, then the whole inside also slathered with sealant.



Paintjob-wise, it's a base layer of Halford's yellow filler-primer, with alternate "skooshes" of black and red generic spray paint for the back... The same for the front, with a few squirts of Halford's Signal Yellow.
The back shell's actually somewhere between the shades of these two pics, it's a lot darker than the front.


The mask is a pair of "Hallowe'en sunglasses" ( Not sure what they're supposed to actually BE! ) covered in glue, then skinned with an orange microfiber car-cleaning cloth.


The final get-up :) ( He forgot his belt :( )

The cloth - And indeed all the glues and generic spraypaints - were from Poundland, and everything else I had kicking about.
Total cost = About £5 :)


And his sister Morgan's a zombie - with some dental acrylic teeth from eBay in her cheek appliance :D


Quite proud of this, given my limited budget and time as always!
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I wouldn't really say that this is "ghetto" lol..that shell looks way better then some of the stuff I've seen in my neighborhood during Halloween...this one kid had a drawing on a piece of paper of darth vaders helmet and taped it on to his face with no costume..he looked hilarious but I gave him a piece of candy for trying lol.. the shell looks pretty awesome to me..and I like the paint job on the zombie..the darkness helps it look real..great job
Thanks very much! :)
Trying to upload a pic of Lee in the full Turtle outfit - A pair of cut up green tights for the body finishes it off nicely :)
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