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As with all good projects the best place to start is at the beginning. But seriously, I've been in performing arts for a while and so costumes are a natural thing to me, it kind of feels weird NOT to be in one if I'm honest. As such I'd like some help getting started on a build for my first cosplay idea of Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones.

I have quite a few reference pictures that are easily obtained through a Google search, I am just unsure on what materials are actually used in such a build? Most of the armour he wears seems to be made of materials that would be difficult to get hold of at best. I am entirely open to "DIY" cheaper options as well, but anything that can get a good decent cosplay, price makes no difference here.


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Hi TS,

what costume are you looking to make? Is it made of fabric or armor?
Perhaps you could give a description or post some photos


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A few threads down from yours is a guy making a John snow costume, that's absolutely knocking it out of the park on leather made from foam;

He's also done a good amount of research/reading on what styles were used in game of thrones. He may be able to point you to real good materials guides if you're lucky.

Everything else I remember of that character, would point me towards the upholstery section of Joanne's, for dark rough earth tone cloths, textured like the stuff I used to make this arm wrap.


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Thank you all for your replies, they are extremely useful. I will look into each and every point made so that I can be sure to create the best cosplay possible and also to learn much more about the best way to tackle different obstacles. Thanks again! Amazingly helpful!