Garrus Valkarian cosplay


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My Garrus projeckt.
The base of head was Nyrens pep file.
20140414_221013.jpg 20140417_220632.jpg 20140418_215103.jpg

Rest of it was made of resin.
1480783_762303210476318_5037174403378042899_n.jpg 10154535_763081960398443_6806090315678164877_n.jpg 10171141_763081873731785_1800416759212758168_n.jpg 20140426_204056.jpg
20140429_193929.jpg 20140706_203224.jpg

Detaling, Painting

20140429_231025.jpg 20140430_090620.jpg


20140430_124943.jpg 20140430_124954.jpg 10330291_765097883530184_7834314312473100386_n.jpg 10155042_765097833530189_3011683776043936918_n.jpg 10153982_765097793530193_6768122537954289787_n.jpg 10301068_765097866863519_3939826985275359639_n.jpg


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Looks awesome! Did you keep the mouth/mandibles seperate or did you join them all thogether? Would be awesome to have a moving mouth :)


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That looks great, can't say I've seen the mask done with whatever resin it is that you're using. The shape and detail of it is spot on. Any more details on how you connected the jaw to the face then fit it for your head? I'd like to make my next masks's version have a moveable jaw.


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MisterBob I'm using poliester resin, it costs 12 zł (PL) (about 3 $) per kilo. I'm posting picture of interior mask i hope it will be helpful when you'll be makin yours. DSC_0053.JPG DSC_0054.JPG


Great looking Garrus mask, I love that you included the teeth as well. I tried adding them to my Garrus mask too but it didn't work out XD

Was the Visor laser engraved?


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There unfortunately was not. I had to scale it back because it is a woman's turian pep file and it needed to increase the size.


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work on the armor in progress. Armor materials (resin, pvc)
20140826_201657.jpg 20140909_184311.jpg


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Damn.... I've seen some good Garrus builds before... but... damn.... The level of detail and machining on that is ridonkulous! looks like its fresh from a mass effect armour factory!
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