Gandalf staff restoration through Artisan FX....awesome!


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Hey folks,
Just wanted to let everybody know what an awesome job Artisan FX did for me in a recent project.

GeneralFROSTY and crew did amazing work restoring my LOTR Staff of Gandalf prop replica from the United Cutlery collection, and it has made its way back to my teaching studio where my students adore it.


This piece has been somewhat notorious for deterioration across time, even without any "use", but Artisan FX used better materials to heal the cracks and separation in the original finish at the headpiece, as well as brought the entire fading yellow color to a brilliant white that impressively resembles the original used in the films. This thing is better than UC ever did it to begin with. I'm quite sure Gandalf would...uh... let this pass.

If you are looking for high-quality restoration or prop production, look no further than Jimmy and these folks. Professional, reliable, and fast. They will use high artistry and care on your project, and they have my unqualified recommendation. Thanks guys!