lord of the rings

  1. Douglascraig

    Tentatively excited for Rings of Power (and ring prototype)

    Is anyone else cautiously optimistic about the Rings of Power amazon LoTR series? I know its not Weta-level, but the design from some of the promo stuff looks pretty cool to me. I'm excited for some more jewellery replication fodder, anyway. To that end, I mocked up a quick ring from one of the...
  2. greenmachines

    Bard the Bowman Cosplay The Hobbit Trilogy

    Bard the Bowman Cosplay build: First to honor the builds that inspired me, before I even knew therpf existed as the source for both of them: therpf members Anduril and Jessamygriffin. These two builds were film worthy and I had no hopes of bettering these as both looked like on screen replicas...
  3. Electronic Lids

    Unlimited Run Karl Urban display bust

    New from MansionProps comes a new and unique life cast of Karl Urban - Eomer of Rohan Cast in flesh coloured resin it's the perfect addition to display your helm of Eomer This bust has been rebuilt from a face casting of the actor made many years ago The cast needed substantial reconstruction by...
  4. Jake Kassnoff

    Glowing Sting Sword

  5. WingdSoldier

    Lothlorien Bow of Legolas

    Rare official prop replica of the Lothlorien bow of Legolas by Hollywood Collectibles Group. In excellent condition and in original packaging. As per popular demand this now has a shipping option. That being said, I would still prefer a local pick-up (in Ypres, Belgium), so there are a few...
  6. Bojo Delta

    Original Design Fantasy Sword

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd put together a thread for the original design fantasy sword that I built for my final project for my honors degree. The prop was completed in Dec 2021 but I'm only getting around to posting about it now. I decided that I wanted to create an original design to...
  7. JJByers

    The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings Arms & Armour

    Wow. I haven't been back on the rpf since I started collecting years ago. I hope everyone's doing well with recent events and goings on worldwide. In the absence here I started an overview channel for my Hobbit / LOTR findings so far. And since I've recovered my password I'd thought I'd share...
  8. D

    LOTR Narsil Lightsaber

    I modeled and 3D printed a lightsaber based on Narsil from Lord of the Rings. The design is based on Jake Bartok’s (IG @jakebartok) artwork, and Tehran Props (IG @tethan_props_) adaptation of it, but I wanted one to use the Savi lightsaber chassis from Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, so I designed one...
  9. L

    Weta Master Swordsmith's Collection - Glamdring

    Hi All, I am looking to buy the Weta Workshop Master Swordsmith's Collection version of Glamdring and the accompanying scabbard. Please let me know if anyone is currently or ever looking to sell. Kindest Regards, Legolas
  10. presleysprops

    Want to Buy Life size sauron helmet

    Please let me know if you have a life-size Sauron helmet for sale:)
  11. Nibenon

    LOTR Faramir Full Costume WIP - Pic Heavy

    Hey all, back again. Sometimes it feels like I'm using the forum as a backup drive of all my WIP pics, but then I realize the RPF is exactly why I started taking WIP pics in the first place. ANYWAY, Faramir. We're gonna start with sewing the shirt; considering the number of layers, I don't...
  12. thepoynt

    Gimi's Walking Axe Build from LOTR

    Hello all! Just getting around to sharing some of my projects from the last year or so. I just got into propmaking about a year ago, and have been having a blast. I've been inspired in large part by a bunch of the awesome projects I've seen here, so I figured it's only fair to share my work and...
  13. Torolf

    My growing prop collection

    I've been working on my collection for a few years now and I'm always adding new items. Most of what's in my collection is scratch built. Full size 3D printed baby Groot I finished. Mal's gun from Firefly - 3D print. SE-14R blaster - scratch build with a couple 3D printed parts. E-11B...
  14. B


  15. N

    Erebor Dwarf Build

    With My Dwarf build V1 over, this is a thread to go over how i went about putting this together. Above all i started off with finding tons of Reference, Be it the Fantastic Chronicles books from WETA, browsing around online, or others on the RPF who had made there own threads. With it being...
  16. Ozymandias

    Royal Armoury of THRAIN

    I am a long time Dwarf fan, ever since I was a boy and first read the hobbit I fell in love with them. I'm looking to start a Thrain armour build and am under no illusions this will be a test. I also don't expect it to be a quick build but I want this to be as close to accurate as possible...
  17. B

    Lord of the rings: nazgul armour

    Hey with Comic expo coming up i wanna see if i can throw together a set of foam nazgul armour, if i can get some help getting screen grabs, measurements patters, and more, i think together we can get a pretty good looking set out
  18. W

    Lord of the Rings Guardian of the Citadel costume

    I wanted to share my latest costume project - it's been awhile since I posted here. I don't have a ton of WIP pics (I'm so bad at that) but I have a few. Here is the final costume. ARMOR With the exception of the helm, the armor is made from sintra. Just as a note since sintra contains PVC...
  19. C

    Lord of the Rings Sting Sword Replica

    I am working on making a replica of the sword Sting from the Lord of the Rings films. I am making it out of MDF and have been looking at various options for the elvish inscription. The plans I'm following (available here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Sting-Lord-of-the-Rings/) call for burning...
  20. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run Map of Gondor

    UPDATE: This has now been added to our site: http://www.magnoliprops.com/gondor-map-maps-p-572.html -------ORIGINAL POST FOLLOWS-------------- A few people have expressed interest in this Second-Age Elvish map of Gondor: I would be redrawing the entire thing by hand, so it's a big...
  21. Pants

    United Cutlery - Legolas Greenleaf

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone had the UC Legolas Knives and Scabbards that would be willing to send me some HD images I canuse for reference? The dream would be to buy a set, but that's not really possible these days lol. Thanks!!
  22. H

    Help with Witch King

    Hi guys I am new here, I noticed a ton and I mean a ton of witch king Flails, or maces as they could be called... All of them show step by steps however nobody post the template that they used to make them with.... this is frustrating for me because I am participating in a box wars battle and I...
  23. Blaxmyth

    Uruku Hai helmet in steel

    I've hit a delay in finishing my Witch King helmet while my friend sources some really dirty waste diesel engine oil for quenching it. So decided to start on an Uruk Hai helmet based on a pepakura one I made for my son-in-law. I've made some paper templates and I'll refine these as I build the...
  24. T

    Making a glowing LOTR Sting blade

    Hey, I'm trying to make a replica sting and i want to make it glow blue when i press a button at the base of the hilt. i need suggestions on what materials to make the blade out of and what paints to use so that light will shine through, but have it look silver when the light is off. My...
  25. G

    3D Modeling The Witch King of Angmar sword - Need Help!

    I am making the sword the Witch King carries in The Return of the King. It looks like this: I am printing the cross guard, handle and pommel and attaching them to a wood blade I will make. I am modeling it to fit around a 16mm steel tube for support. Being new to 3D modelling I am able to...