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Hi, I've never cosplayed before and I finally decided to make my own spidey costume and at first I settled for a tasm 2 replica but quickly realised that with my budget and experience it would he near impossible.
My other choices where a tasm 1 replica or a Peter B Parker suit from into the spider-verse movie.

My budget is arround a 100$ but I still want something that actually look like the movie suit.

because of my budget I am not printing any 3d object mot even web shooters nor am I adding luff paint or any type of raised webbing.I am just going to get a good pattern, print it and then assemble it.

That being said, Do you guys think that I can replicate a decent accuarte suit of the ones I already mentioned above? If not, what are my best options?

Ps: if there's a way to make a good accuarte tasm 2 suit with that budget please inform me of it. I'll do it even if it's the hardest thing that a human has ever done.


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Get a blue zentai suit and have someone paint on the red. Get some fans to dry it and wear something underneath so that you arent stained red by the paint.

When the red paint dries, you can add the black.

Usually, the three are time, cost, ease of use. Since cost is an issue, I hope you have the other two.

Amazon also has some nice, and not too expensive Spiderman suits also, but I am glad you want to make yours

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