spider man

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  1. JaredRmz

    A Leap of Faith: Post your Miles Spidey Costume

    I don't know if there's actually a thread for this, but this one's just for Miles Morales (Harlem's Spiderman) cosplays or WIP cosplays. I've been working on mine and still don't finish, but I'm eager to finish it as soon as possible (:
  2. NuadaDesigns

    Raimi Unused Web Shooters

    Modelled up these yesterday and printed them last night. Based on the unused Web Shooters Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. Will be moving on to the animated series Web Shooters next.
  3. Freedmeep1964

    Original Spider-Man Suit.

  4. Cole Dockery

    Plastidip webs?

    I recently completed a spiderman cosplay and was wondering if I could use plasti dip as a sort of paint for the web pattern. I used sharpie throughout the project though I know as I wash the suit the sharpie will fade. On the can it says the spray can be used on fabric but I wanted a second opinion.
  5. C

    Spider-man PS4 Muscle Suit HELP

    Hello there, I have begun making a The Classic Suit from Spider-man PS4, but I'm pretty skinny, not muscular. Do you guys know of any muscle under suit patterns that could give my chest and arms to a similar shape to Spider-man from the PS4 exclusive game? Thank you for your time!
  6. lewiscondrey

    Sensor controlled Spider-Man mechanical/moving lenses

    Heres a look at the finished product EDIT: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the title says I'm making a moving lense spider-man cosplay maskI'm actually in the final few stages. I only have to 3d print my parts...
  7. ToaOfStone

    Got a fun one for Spidey Historians

    Hey, Webheads! A while ago I was watching old Spider-Man media such as the '77 live action series and Toeis Spider-man for the hell of it, and I couldn't stop thinking about the suit being functionally the same between the two. A few days ago, one of my favorite youtube channels...
  8. S

    Spider-Man Suit

    Hey I was wondering if I could get advice on attaching my lenses to the mask. I don’t want a faceshell because it is just so inconvenient. But when people glue the lenses they can only place them once, and if you mess up that’s it. And it usually end s up bunching in the middle. I figured the...
  9. ScorpionTR

    Looking for Infinity War Iron Spider Webshooters

    Pepakura file please
  10. LeExpiredMilk

    ISO Into The Spider-Verse chest emblem

    Suit by LeExpiredMilk posted Mar 1, 2019 at 12:13 PM Self explanatory, I'm looking for a chest emblem to put on top of this one, as it is a comic book Spider-Man suit with a Raimi chest emblem for no reason. It is also rather small, capping off at about 4 inches tall and wide. I want to replace...
  11. rerix

    Someone selling good Spiderman PS4 webshooters?

    well, the title gives it away. Looking for the spiderman ps4 webshooters. The wristband (if it's included) doesn't matter how it looks. Just want to wear it on a suit, so the magnets should be kinda strong. I do own one which i bought somewhere online, but the magnets are saddly too weak that...

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