spider man

  1. Mystery

    Spider-Man: Lotus Suit Replica From The Original Makers

    Hey everyone, I have been a long-time member here and all the way back starting this account I had the ultimate goal of owning a movie accurate Spider-Man suit. After 10 years I think we are finally there! While working on my comic accurate suit Mystery's Comic Spider-Man Build (Pic Heavy) I...
  2. Obesedtofit

    2009 airing of Spider-Man 3 from the FX channel

    We are looking for the FX channel 2009 airing of Spider-Man 3. It has extended scenes from the film that has a deleted character called Dr Wallace. He is interacting with sandman. We are trying to find it and restore it. The scene goes like this Dr Wallace is in his lab when sandman appears and...
  3. NiteWolf

    Spiderman 1977/Universal Eaves Brooks Costume

    Hello!! I’m making this thread for my eaves brooks replica 1977 spiderman costume. I’ve been wanting this suit for nearly 6 years but never thought I’d be able to acquire one, unless I got lucky on eBay. I have started to made suit patterns a little over a year now on photoshop for spiderman...
  4. PhantomForge

    Spider-Man Raimi 3D Web (abnormal and rough) Walkthrough

    Hello all! FIRST OFF: This is not a tutorial or walk through on how to do the FULL costume, just one way to print, mold, cast, and attach webs to fabric. Some folks have been asking how to do the Raimi 3D webs, and so I thought I'd give a little bit of a walk through on how I made my...
  5. altanblu

    Spider-sona Logo attachment

    Wondering if embroidery would be a viable option for placing the spider-man logo on a jacket
  6. gabopos

    Help sewing this spider man mask pattern

    so this is the pattern and I don't know how to sew it
  7. MountainMan25

    Miles morales 2020 passion project

    I've been working on this for a year and honestly really happy with the results. Will be making upgrades for this beauty.
  8. UtanteV27

    Willem Dafoe GREEN GOBLIN HELMET on the cheap by Rehauling an Xcoser Helmet!

    Hey Everyone! I have spent alot of time looking into Raimi Goblin Helmet replicas and, there's not many option, you can buy a $300 3d printer and a $30 stl file, you can spend a Thousand on an etsy one, most being slightly inaccurate, or, you can spend 80 bucks on an old Xcoser goblin mask and...
  9. D

    Costume sewn too small from RPC?

    I just got my Spider-Man suit back from RPC. I sent it with all the correct measurements but it is VERY tight. To a point where I think they may have gotten it wrong. I've had one before and it felt nicely. This one, I almost got stuck in it. I'm 6'1 and it also feels an inch or 2 too short...
  10. NuadaDesigns

    TASM Web Shooters

    I know these have been done to death and there are loads of variations replicated out there, but here is my newest revisit to the The Amazing Spider Man, incognito and suit Web shooters. Just reprinted the watch frame with the accurate numbers. I'll be making the leather straps this weekend also.
  11. Mystery

    Mystery's Comic Spider-Man Build (Pic Heavy)

    So after a very long time, I decided to tackle a suit for Halloween. This will be puff painted on the red sections with red and black paint, and with a unique pattern I haven't seen anyone tackle on a full suit yet. I had an idea about a dream suit and I had posted a rough concept for, on one of...
  12. WarrenLaveniuk

    In Search of: Mechanical Spiderman Eyes

    Someone please help! I have been searching everywhere for mechanical spiderman eyes. The only place I found some were on an etsy page, but the seller is difficult to get a hold of. I have questions about the product before buying it. If anyone has any files they are willing to share, it would...
  13. Peter Parke 67

    Need help finding some cheap spider-man faceshell & lenses

    Hi, so I am making my first cosplay ever and I've settled on a Peter B Parker from the into the spider-verse movie from ZentaiZone. I already have a few ideas for the jacket but since I am on a budget (around 100$) I haven't found anything for the faceshell and the lenses. What are my good...
  14. Geek Central

    Universal Spider-Man Suit Replica

    I may not have grown up with this design for Spider-Man, but that wouldn't stop me from wanting to own the suit itself or just replicate it as best as I can. All I'm asking for is the suit pattern so I can have it printed and sewed by another company. If you somehow have the actual suit and want...
  15. Peter Parke 67

    First time cosplaying.

    Hi, I've never cosplayed before and I finally decided to make my own spidey costume and at first I settled for a tasm 2 replica but quickly realised that with my budget and experience it would he near impossible. My other choices where a tasm 1 replica or a Peter B Parker suit from into the...
  16. Peter Parke 67

    How do I learn pattern making?

    I want to make my own spider-man suit pattern but I've never done such a thing before. I am looking any type of tutorial, tips, forum for this type of stuff. Please don't hesitate to mention any kind of resource that might help. Every suggestion is greatly appreciated!
  17. ThatOneDude2994

    My Raimi suit build/guide *Starts soon* *PIC HEAVY*

    Hey guys! Ever since I was a kid, I've long dreamed to own a screen-accurate Raimi suit down-to-a-t Replica. Spidey4fun and Spidey planet have the best replica's but are very expensive and takes time to make. Print only suits are fine but for a Raimi suit, it can be quite bland. We won't even...
  18. yyalp

    Classic/Modern Spider-Man Cosplay (HELP PLS!!)

    This is my first post on the forum since I FINALLY decided to create an account after almost a year of reading posts without having one.. anyway. I'm working on my first cosplay and decided that the Webhead would be a great choice. The style I chose is something more inspired by Bagley's work...
  19. P

    Miles Morales Venom Strike

    I'm trying to make an adjustment to my Miles Morales Spider-Man suit where the sleeve lights up like he's about to do his venom strike. Are there any suggestions to make a somewhat realistic lightning look that doesn't look too bulky under the suit?
  20. JoeChang3816

    Creating Iron-Spider Dye Sublimation Pattern With Blender

    Hello. I am an newbie this forum and planning to start my Iron-Spider cosplay project. I have made lots of props with 3D print before, and I got a little bit of experience in creating 3D models, like my Iron-Spider web shooter: Recently, I got a highly accurate Iron-Spider 3D model from a...
  21. NuadaDesigns

    Spider Tracers, Tracker and Webshooters--Spider Man Animated 1994

    Spider Tracker to go with the spider tracers. Another little gizmo 8 year old me would have loved to own.
  22. JaredRmz

    A Leap of Faith: Post your Miles Spidey Costume

    I don't know if there's actually a thread for this, but this one's just for Miles Morales (Harlem's Spiderman) cosplays or WIP cosplays. I've been working on mine and still don't finish, but I'm eager to finish it as soon as possible (:
  23. NuadaDesigns

    Raimi Unused Web Shooters

    Modelled up these yesterday and printed them last night. Based on the unused Web Shooters Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. Will be moving on to the animated series Web Shooters next.
  24. Cole Dockery

    Plastidip webs?

    I recently completed a spiderman cosplay and was wondering if I could use plasti dip as a sort of paint for the web pattern. I used sharpie throughout the project though I know as I wash the suit the sharpie will fade. On the can it says the spray can be used on fabric but I wanted a second opinion.
  25. C

    Spider-man PS4 Muscle Suit HELP

    Hello there, I have begun making a The Classic Suit from Spider-man PS4, but I'm pretty skinny, not muscular. Do you guys know of any muscle under suit patterns that could give my chest and arms to a similar shape to Spider-man from the PS4 exclusive game? Thank you for your time!