into the spider-verse

  1. LeExpiredMilk

    ISO Into The Spider-Verse chest emblem

    Suit by LeExpiredMilk posted Mar 1, 2019 at 12:13 PM Self explanatory, I'm looking for a chest emblem to put on top of this one, as it is a comic book Spider-Man suit with a Raimi chest emblem for no reason. It is also rather small, capping off at about 4 inches tall and wide. I want to replace...
  2. M

    (Into the Spider Verse) Spoiler-character advice

    so I’m putting together a Doc Ock costume and I’m stuck on what material to use for her tentacles. They’re sort of translucent and shiny—not at all like the metal tentacles of past versions. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe foam painted with liquid latex? But maybe there’s some sort of rubber...
  3. SoumthefirsT

    [Need help] Into the Spider-verse's Miles morales suit spray paint

    So I want to be Spider man Ultimate(mile morales) at my Highschool's Openhouse but can not find any shop that sales costume in my country and to tailor it charges too much for a highschooler like me and will be too late for the deadline that will be in next week. So now I've already ordered...
  4. allerdale

    (Into the Spider-Verse) Peter B. Parker

    I've been out of the cosplay game for a little while in terms of actually putting together a new costume. That being said, I'm working on a "Hobo" Peter costume from Spider-Verse. I'm having some trouble finding the jacket in terms of getting the right style/look + the length... It's pretty easy...