Finished - Modified Assault Phaser Scratch Build


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I was overcome with the uncontrollable urge to build another phaser this weekend.

The Star Trek V & VI assault phaser is one I've long had a love/hate relationship with. It has many really exciting features, but also some odd proportions that never looked quite 'phaser-y' enough to me. Frankly, sticking the grip right in the middle, with an extended magazine is fine if you're designing an Uzi or a Mac-10, but you're compromising one of the most iconic aspects of the phaser silhouette.

Since I have a pretty nice solid resin version of this prop already, I've decided to make a new, modified version- one that keeps my favorite parts while trying to make it look more like a proper phaser (to me!) It will also be a solid, static prop.

I resisted the urge to start by cutting up an airsoft Beretta 92 and instead went with the solid wood approach- (With various completely random parts kit-bashed on where appropriate.)

So, here goes: The initial grip relocation sketch: (With resin version.)


Begin sawdust creation process!


These will become the emitter nozzle. Somehow. All I can say for sure is that a lot of glue will be involved.


I love my Proxxon 'Dremel'


No MDF here.


No CNC woodmill here, either! (How I wish I had access to such tools...)


Starting to look like something:


Here's a feature I'm actually replicating!



Still one of my favorite wood shaping methods- the inverted belt sander.


Slightly closer...


Right- you've just spent over an hour making this solid, detailed top part, so why not saw it in half... at an angle of precisely 27 degrees....


A little bit of plastic for the grip detail:


The first coat of primer, to see where we're at-


The end of the day:


That was all Sunday- I'm guessing I'm near 50% done. There remains an awful lot of sanding and filling before I can get serious with the paint and assembly.

Thanks for looking! With me luck....
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Re: WIP - Modified Assault Phaser Scratch Build

looking nice there!
I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)


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Re: WIP - Modified Assault Phaser Scratch Build

I got a little bit more done this evening.

I decided that I'd gone a bit too chunky on the tail radiator, I cut down that area a bit.


Also, while they may be screen accurate, zip ties are just not a great way to wear a phaser- so I got a bit creative. One of my 'greeblies' on the left side is actually a screwed-on snap. I made a simple kydex clip that can be snapped to it, and allow you to wear and draw the phaser- looks like this so far:



Props are far more fun if you can wear them.

(Less chunky)


After that, lots of sanding, filling, priming, etc.
Then, the first coat of the metallic gun metal paint:



For comparison:


So, getting closer!


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Re: WIP - Modified Assault Phaser Scratch Build

nice :)
are you going to do the extended 'magazine', or leave the handle as-is?


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Re: WIP - Modified Assault Phaser Scratch Build

are you going to do the extended 'magazine', or leave the handle as-is?

There will be no extended magazine on this one- that's one of the features I didn't like as much on the original. I will probably have an I.D. Sticker on the bottom of the grip eventually, though...


Re: WIP - Modified Assault Phaser Scratch Build

Will it have functionality.....lights sound, kill or stun capability, you need batteries in that thing!


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Re: WIP - Modified Assault Phaser Scratch Build

No lights, this will be a static prop. Suitable for wearing on costumes. Or making 'pew pew' sounds with in the basement.

So, with the main paint on, I proceeded with the assembly. This was mostly just adding the silver parts. All went on and fit well, the knob and the emitter so well that glue really wouldn't be required.

Except I hated where I'd placed the emitter nozzle!


Too low. Definitely too low. So, more sawdust ensued.


Followed by much glue. I was able to mount it where I wanted it. The next step was the detail painting- this is mostly just black paint.


So, not quite done yet, but darn close:




Here's what my clip to wear it looks like:


and snapped on:


And on the hip:


Now I just need to finish making the sticker for the bottom of the grip. (I've done one I like, just need to scale it right for printing) and then take some pictures of it in the correct environment. (On a costume...)


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Re: WIP - Modified Assault Phaser Scratch Build

Pretty much all done now. I just had to finish & attach the sticker on the bottom of the grip:


Which was pretty easy.


So- Hanging on the belt-


And in hand-



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I'll agree with everyone else so far. I always liked the design of the Assault Phaser, but yours is just WAY more "Star Trek".

:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup


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I always had a love/hate thing for the assault phaser. I loved it because it looked like a heavy military weapon that had the distinct features of a phaser. At the same time the offset handle (offset as far as where we always knew a ST phaser handle to be) made it look not quite right. The clip bothered me because they never carried extras that we saw so what would the benefit be to having a way to swap the power cell out? Not to mention since it is a power cell and not actual ammunition it seemed kind of silly. Still, it made it cool looking in a way.

This new build does away with those two unusual features and still keeps the heavy military power look. I love it!


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Thanks! I had a lot of fun building this one. I still don't quite love my emitter nozzle- I need to get to a lathe one of these days...
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