Falcon Chess Piece #8 on its way !!


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The majority of #8 is sculpted. I am holding off on the other arm of #8 till I have #3's body formed out . Just want to make sure the body slam position looks right when holding #3.

The arms will be able to be glued up or down so theres a choice of display options.
The teeth are too small to survive castings so toothpick ends will do nicely :)
I plan on wrapping the lower legs with the roping too.

Hes about 5 1/2 inches tall to be in scale with other board members contributions.



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Wha ... ?.

Number EIGHT already ?.

Where are the other seven ? When´d I miss this project ?

Aw man...


Prop Runner

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Dude, if you're not getting these licensed through MR or Gentle Giants, you're nuts, because that... is... SWEET.... :eek


- Gabe

spinner 44

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MR Barlow,

Amazing work. How well proportioned, detailed and ... the texture. You are a pro sculp are you?

PS. That RoTJ Luke bust is creepily amazing. The green color makes him look a bit dead or Vulcanian, but the likeness is simply PERFECT.

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Ooooh, that is SWEET. Any thoughts on what these will sell for? Will the end product be cast resin, or some rubber/vinyl/soft subtstance?

I think MR might be intersted in these, but I can't help wondering if you'd get screwed in the process..



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That is simply amazing. The proportion is dead on and the detail really makes the piece. I love the skin texturing.

Incedible work. Well done.


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Damn, that's nice. Can't wait to get me a set of those :D

I remember other people had said they would be sculpting the others. I wonder how those are coming along.



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I'm working #7, grimtaash-the-molatar. Head, torso, feet roughed out, arms and legs soon. Then detail, but that's a helluva yardstick Barlow put up. ;)