Fabric Question


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I am new here so not sure if I'm Im doing this correctly.

I'm wondering if there is a way to make cotton fabric not look like cotton?

Would it be possible to paint it with some pearlescent acrylic paint? I'm just wanting it to have a more luxurious texture.



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You gotta decide what to make it look like instead of cotton! Brush it with a wire brush to make it a little bit fuzzier like fleece, or wax it with clothing wax which waterproofs it and makes it kiiiiiind of a bit more like leather. Fabric paint can change the texture a bit depending on what kind you use.

Its helpful to outline what you are working with, and what results you want so we can help you get from A to B! Is it lightweight quilting broadcloth, or canvas? Do you want it to look like velvet or leather or silk etc

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