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    I'm down to the finishing touches of my first silicone bust, but I'm at a loss on
    how to put eyelashes on. I bought some fake ones but they look too feminine on a male character.

    Should I glue them on individually. Glue them/ punch them?
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    I've heard good things about using the bristles from fine paintbrushes for eyelashes from doll collectors. They don't look as fake as false eyelashes often do, and you could choose how heavy you want them to look. I don't know much about silicone busts, so I don't know if you can poke holes and put them on individually or not. The dolls I've seen this used on have rooted eyelashes, so you just put a TINY dab of glue on the end and use tweezers to place a single hair into an existing hole. Is there any way you could make a slit, form a row of eyelashes, then secure it shut again?
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    Try flattening the eye lashes in a hair iron. I borrow my wifes for this and once its flattened, trim to the desired length. Just don't leave it in the iron too long or the lashes will melt.

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