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Bump! Just finished another commission so am currently accepting more.

I also just finished a 1:1 3d printable replica for the Joker's knife from The Dark Knight for my Halloween costume. It's currently being printed and I should have it in hand and painted/assembled within the week (I mean, should hope so since I need it for Halloween). Here's a nice render of it assembled/extended.


I designed it to function just like the actual Smith & Wesson Extractor 1600 it's based on except that the blade doesn't lock when it's fully extended so I can pretend to stab people with no risk of actually hurting them (it may be plastic, but it's still a blade shape with a pointed tip). It works just like a gag knife and I even designed it around a spring that I found in a cheap disappearing knife toy so the resistance from the spring wont be enough to harm whoever is getting pretend-stabbed lol.

Here's an exploded view for a look at the inside.

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Doctor Octoroc

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Bump! Current project, 3d printing a 1:3048 scale Philadelphia one block at a time in full color sandstone! Hit me up for your own modeling needs, props or otherwise!


Doctor Octoroc

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Currently working on a kit for the 12th Doctor's sonic screwdriver, as well as the confession dial and a stand to fit into the confession dial based on the port where the sonic first appeared.

Renders of the sonic and the confession dial, closed and open.




Along with the port stand.


And some extra images in Solidworks.





Doctor Octoroc

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I just finished up a commission for 2kdime - the guard on the sword from Edge of Tomorrow. Don't be shy about having me create parts for your prop builds!

wip01.jpg wip02.jpg

wip03.jpg wip04.jpg


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I finished another commission for someone who's not on the RPF but I wanted to show off the detail on the surface texture since this is the first time I've attempted something this intricate. They wanted two versions of a Japanese shrine model - one to print in Full Color Sandstone with all the textures painted on the surface and a second version to print in White Strong & Flexible plastic with the surface detailed 'etched' into the surface that they could paint after being printed.

Here's the color version, made to look more like the cartoon version:

wip_final03.jpg wip_final04.jpg

Here's the white plastic version - it's shown in line drawing so every edge is visible but on the actual printed model, the detail will be a tad more subtle.

wip_final01.jpg wip_final02.jpg

And this is the shrine from the anime:

shrine1_ex.png shrine2.PNG

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Currently modeling a Tie Fighter for the fun of it. Even though it's only going to be 72mm high, I'm still trying to include as much detail as possible. The fuselage and arms are basically done, just have to add all of the details to the center area wing.


Doctor Octoroc

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More progress on the Tie Fighter. The wings are thicker than they should be on account of the small scale. Just a few details left to build before it's done. The version you see is meant to be printed in the white plastic, in four parts (two wings, main body and hatch on top) and I'm also creating a second version that will be printed in their full color sandstone with thicker wings to withstand the printing process - which will also be less detailed in 3d form but have those details 'painted' onto the surface in full color.



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I commissioned an item from Doctor Octoroc. He was really attentive to what I wanted and even responded quickly to all my inquiries. His experience in 3D modelling really showed after talking to me how he'd approach my mask commission from a 3D printing perspective. In addition to that, he was a pleasure to talk to and displayed a great standard of professional ethics. I highly recommend Doctor Octoroc for your next project.

Doctor Octoroc

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Bumping as I'm open to take on a few commissions at the moment. Just finished another one, a simple pair of lenses for a Rey costume.

Doctor Octoroc

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Bumping for visibility! I have one commission in the works and another possible commission coming my way but still plenty of room for more!


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I have commissioned Doctor Octoroc and was very happy with the quality of his work and his professionalism. :)


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I am currently working with Doc and must say it has been nothing but a pleasure. He is extremely professional and you cant beat his rates or attention to detail.


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I might be interested in some work being done for our company

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I recently finished a pair of Edward Scissorhands gauntlets utilizing 3d printed blades and hand plates. Here are some images of the parts as well as the finished prop(s)!''

IMG_3955.JPG IMG_7446.JPG

IMG_7475.JPG IMG_7484.JPG IMG_7481.JPG
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