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Doctor Octoroc

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Hey everyone. I've been around the forum for a while now and I'm constantly amazed at what can be done by hand - but my passion is 3d modeling. A little back story on me...

I've been doing 3d modeling for about 20 years now, professionally for a few years, and I currently create models for design patent applications. This entails making accurate models of products that are being submitted for copyright using whatever source material the client provides, be it engineering drawings, hand drawn sketches, or photos of the actual product - anything from a detailed technical drawing to a single, poorly lit photo of a handmade product. As you can imagine, all of the work I do for my job is confidential, so I'm unable to share any of those with you, but I have plenty to show otherwise. What you see below is a mix of screenshots directly from my CAD software, renders, and actual 3d prints, done for fun or for prop runs - all for the purposes of 3d printing.

standPreview4.jpg 8thDoctorSonic_comparison01.jpg
CAD file of 8th Doctor's alternative sonic screwdriver with display stand along with side by side comparison of the actual prop.

CAD file of finger blades for an Edward Scissorhands costume.

atari2600.JPG magnavoxOdyssey.JPG colecoVision.JPG nintendoEntertainmentSystem.JPG nintendo64.JPG nintendoGameBoyAdvanceSP.JPG nintendoVirtualBoy.JPG nintendoDS.JPG nintendoGameBoyLight.JPG segaGenesis01.JPG segaSaturn.JPG segaDreamcast.JPG
"Realistic renders" of gaming consoles, miniatures designed at 1:5 scale for 3d print.

IMG_4699.JPG IMG_4736.JPG IMG_4737.JPG IMG_4747.JPG
Physical prints of miniature game consoles - Nintendo generation 1-4.

IMG_2246.JPG IMG_2259.JPG
Raw 3d prints from Doctor Who props run.

IMG_2316.JPG IMG_2324.JPG
Assembled and painted 3d printed sonic (and laser) screwdriver(s).

I've been designing for 3d printing for about 4 years and keep current with the guidelines, limitations, and capabilities of the process, so you can be assured that your designs will print right as long as the printer does their job. I'm also familiar with the many ways to keep costs down and have a good grasp on the expected price range for a given design based on the size and design of the prop. Most props are printed in a strong and flexible plastic since it's the most affordable and easiest to work with, but I can design for any of the materials available in the 3d printing market. I recommend Shapeways due to their general affordability but can work within the parameters of any service.

While I specialize in product modeling of a technical nature (refer to examples above), I can also do more organic forms. Prices are based on a "tier" system which takes the complexity of a given model into consideration. Simpler models are less and more complicated ones are more - it's pretty straight forward and I can lay it all out for you in a private message.

If you're interested in commissioning me to help you realize your prop dream, feel free to send me a message with your idea. The more information and reference material you can provide, the more accurate of a quote I can provide and the quicker we can get started. My workflow changes from month to month but I'll be completely transparent about the time frame you can expect as we work together to perfect the design.

Please specify if you would like to use the model for anything other than 3d printing and we can work out a usage agreement that gives you anywhere from limited to commercial usage. Default usage is limited to 3d printing for personal use. Anything beyond that will require additional fees since tier prices given will be for modeling services only. I currently don't offer complete control as I prefer to retain rights to the original model, but feel free to throw money at me and I may make an exception :)
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E Williams

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I picked up a few of the sonic props that Doctor Octoroc modeled and had printed when he last offered them. I was impressed with the detail and accuracy in the models as well as the tight tolerances in his modeling that made the parts fit together perfectly. The parts were very easy to paint and build, and I have another on order as well!

Doctor Octoroc

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Bump for interest.

I also am working on a new model, another Doctor Who based design - a stand for the War Doctor's sonic screwdriver that looks like "The Moment". Here's a fancy exploded view that shows all the parts in their layers.

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Doctor Octoroc

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Bump for the day. If you have any prop ideas as well, not necessarily a commission but something you'd like to see, feel free to chime in. I'm always looking for the next idea for a props run. It would require a good deal of interest so ideas that a bunch of people would be into would be a most likely candidate.

Doctor Octoroc

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Bump for the day. Here's a render of the aforementioned Moment stand for the War Doctor's sonic screwdriver.


Did I mention I can do 3d modeling for 2d design and illustration as well? In fact, all of the models I do for my job are output to vector drawings that can be used in a variety of 2d applications, from patent applications to scalable clip art to complex logos!


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That is some good quality work there, both in the model and printing! I've been having trouble with one of my 3D models and might be looking to just scrap it and hire you for it...

Doctor Octoroc

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Updated version of the 8th Doctor alternative sonic screwdriver model and additional pictures of my finishing process!

Final version of the CAD model.

Comparison of the CAD model to the actual prop.

Two coats of Testor's flat black and a coat of varnish.

Additional coat of Testor's metallic black followed by a splotchy coat of brass.

Emitter heads printed in Frosted Ultra Detail with various finishing techniques.
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Doctor Octoroc

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Here are some more images of the finishing process on the 8th Doctor alternative sonic screwdriver kit I'm currently offering. This is the prototype so some additional changes have been made since this one was 3d printed.

In addition to designing your prop, I can assist you in preparing the part(s) for your particular needs. Being familiar with the process and having printed hundreds of models over the year, I can offer tips on cleaning and finishing them. This service comes at no extra charge, although I may refer you to tutorials that have helped me. The goal is to make the most out of 3d printing props and I'm happy to be a part of that when it comes to your own process.

Main body parts from the kit, painted with multiple layers, weathered and with patina effect.

Wooden grips that surround the main shaft; yes, these are 3d printed parts!

Doctor Octoroc

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I just finished my first commission since opening up this thread and I'm excited to share the results with you! These are the "Good Guys" shoes from Chucky and I created them for phunkymoney!


I have one other commission currently in the works but am still taking more if you have any ideas!

Doctor Octoroc

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Bump for the day! Still taking commissions large and small. Refer to the "Good Guys" shoes above to see the result of the most recent commission I did for a member on the forum who contacted me through this thread.
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