Dustin Stranger Things Roast Beef Costume

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9-16-2019 UPDATE:

Hey everyone! Still waiting on the new Camp Know Where patches, but they should be in sometime this week. So, in the meantime, this weekend was all batteries!

So first, the obvious part. The loops. Note: I did not use tan elastic, it's grey, but it appears tan in all these photos. Just warm lighting:

As you can see, I opted for a nice "hand-made" look. I think it really adds to the feel of the whole bag. I think the original is a little more clean-cut than what I ended up with, but I like what I have! The shoulder strap I was able to have sewn on with a machine, but I opted to zig zag stitch the ends by hand. The left pocket was all entirely by hand and let me tell you it was a pain!

Close-ups of the hand stitching:

And here's the finished left pocket. I just stuffed it with some hand towels. Looks great!

I neglected to take a photo of the completed shoulder strap, so I'll have to update later on. Next up though...

So, I actually am doing all this 1.) for fun, thought it would be a cool prop to recreate, but also 2.) I'll be doing a work event Halloween House for kids and we'll be doing Stranger Things. So because I don't know exactly how much we'll be interacting with the kids, I opted early on to have fake prop batteries on the bag. I will eventually buy the proper vintage batteries. But anyways. I've had quite a journey putting together some rough prop batteries if anyone is interested.

I started off by securing some dummy batteries, which was easier said than done. I found some decent AA dummy batteries on eBay that were made of solid metal. Here they are with their tops painted already and then with the finished recreated label:

C batteries were also decently common to find, but harder to find good ones as a base. Finally, when I was about to go with a wooden dowel and a bolt on top, I found these ones covered with green wrapping. I was able to remove the wrapping and am planning to rewrap them with metallic paper to hide the ugly ridge. Here's a rough test of the steps involved. These ones aren't finished yet:

Finally, the 9 volts...ugh. No one. Anywhere. Seems to make dummy 9 volt batteries. So these were the most expensive batteries to make. They had to be 3D printed, fully painted, and then labeled:

And a little look at the label cutting process:

I realize it's quite a lot of trouble to go through considering they don't look awesome, but I didn't want to get any trouble for walking around with actual batteries for this event and what not. Considering that most of them are covered pretty significantly by the elastic. I think they'll do fine.

I'm actually reaching quite close to the finish line at this point. Just have the final patch to attach, the final elastic band, and the fake C batteries. I may be finished with the bag itself this weekend! If I can find a tool roll to attach, I'd love to, but I still have yet to find one that resembles the one in the show very closely.

I'll probably post this weekend again once I've got everything on! Although, in the meantime. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on that bottom elastic loop section from my previous post. I'd love to hear some thoughts.


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Hey gang! It's been awhile! I have made progress on the bag, but I am holding out on some extra surprises. I will be able to update soon though!

However, I thought everyone would find this interesting. Especially you jonnytrooper. Amy Parris recently posted some alternate and unused costume combos for Dustin from the costume testing phase on her Instagram. He's wearing his bag in some of them, but no good angles unfortunately. Note the unused green/yellow Camp Know Where patch instead of the Discovery Patch on his vest! And the alternate Roast Beef graphic!



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Alright everyone. It's been almost a month since I last posted, and trust me, it's well worth the wait. I'm happy to announce that my Dustin Season 3 backpack is COMPLETE! Firstly, I'd like to thank you guys for the help and support. Especially jonnytrooper and Mike J. This has been such a fun project!

But I couldn't just take some more cell phone pictures. Doesn't do it justice. So check it out! I really wanted to capture that vibe from the radio building scene from Season 3. (Sorry for the watermarks. I've had issues with stolen photos in the past.)

20191014 Dustin Props-0701.jpg
20191014 Dustin Props-0706.jpg

20191014 Dustin Props-0707.jpg

So last I told you guys, I was going to look for a tool roll. Well...I never did find one that worked...So I jumped in head first and committed to making one! Check it out Piper

20191014 Dustin Props-0710.jpg

It's not perfect. My sewing machine went haywire mid-way through and I had to hand-sew more of it than I wanted to. Also forgive the tools for not being super close. We've had rather inclement weather and this was my first chance at some gorgeous golden hour photos. I grabbed what I could.

And now for some detail shots!
20191014 Dustin Props-0711.jpg
20191014 Dustin Props-0713.jpg

I even got the proper Eveready batteries as well for display! The custom ones I made will be used for events and parties. Etc.

20191014 Dustin Props-0712.jpg
20191014 Dustin Props-0722.jpg

20191014 Dustin Props-0721.jpg
20191014 Dustin Props-0719.jpg

20191014 Dustin Props-0717.jpg
20191014 Dustin Props-0725.jpg

And a little bonus:

20191014 Dustin Props-0716.jpg

Thank you again to everyone! I will probably post a few more making of photos. But I am also around to answer questions if anyone has some specific queries on specific parts, etc.

I'm thrilled! It turned out awesome!

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Having just scraped some corrosion from a battery compartment, I would like to politely caution you about leaving real batteries in physical contact with anything valuable.

Excellent advice. I actually have been keeping the batteries far away from the bag when it’s stored away. I store it with the fake ones. And I have also removed all batteries from other props when not in use.

I never actually ended up buying the real vintage 9 volts. I didn’t see much reason to have them when you really can’t tell.


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Absolutely man! It was so fun finding them! Luckily the shorts are still attainable, and at least the vest exists! And that’s right about the TRC-85! They just repainted it and replaced the word “good” with “low”.
View attachment 1041464
And Mike was using a TRC-215 when he was talking to Dustin (y)
View attachment 1041465
Speaking of, here’s my TRC-215 along with Mike’s shirt and vest from episode one!
View attachment 1041468
His vest is Jordache :)
Hi, I've been trying to find the shirt that has yellow mike with stripes in season 3 but I don't give it to her. I would like to know if you can help me find it. Thanks a lot


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I was able to pick up one of the Brittania denim vests on eBay for about $24 during the holidays and I saw another one pop up last month so they are still out there.


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Do you know what the brand of this polo is? I would like you to do more mike cosplays or say brands. Thank you so much for everything
Hello! It’s the Volcom Mix Bag Short Sleeve Shirt! All the best!
View attachment 1255000
And congratulations foxbatkllr!! I’m so glad you found one!
Do you know what the brand of this polo is? I would like you to do more mike cosplays or say brands. Thank you so much for everything


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Based on my analysis I believe Mike's shoes in S3E1 at the starcourt scene his shoes may possibly have been Stan Smith shoes by Adidas, I could not tell if they might have been black or green. Either that or I could be completely off but tell me what shoe you think it may be.
Screenshot_20200303-201054_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20200303-200243_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20200303-200222_Samsung Internet.jpg


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Alright everyone. Dustin's backpack returns in Season 4. And we finally got a nicer look at three of the patches on the front in the new teaser from TUDUM. I've cropped thee images to just the patches to avoid spoilers.

What was originally thought to be a generic version of the NASA patch is actually just a telescope with stars:
Season 4 teaser Telescope patch.jpg

The science molecule patch is a "Somerset, IN 1985" patch.
Season 4 teaser Somerset patch.jpg

Also a slightly better glimpse of the radio patch.
Season 4 teaser Radio patch.jpg

I'll be designing new patches once the Season releases in 4K (So I can see even more details) to update my bag for more accuracy! This one shot alone will fix up three of the patches once it's in 4K. I'm hoping that we'll also get some new glimpses at the compass patch and the top Camp Know Where Patch.

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