The Predator Costume Manual Guide (2017)


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UglyMF search Heavy Duty Storage Trunk/Box on Wheels people usually select a 100 litre - 150 litre box. For air travel the usual legal limit is around 32kg - so around 70lb. Make sure this doesn't exceed said amount. Upholstery foam around the corners of the trunk so the suit doesn't get damaged.


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nice manual making predator suit is not for beginners im building on mine for 6 months because of the budget.....spend 2500eu and do the paintjob all by myself because i have 4 years latex paint experience and now rough 2 year airbrush experience beginner i dont recommend doing a predator its only for a hardcore fan whas always child dream to be predator and now in cosplay this year my dream come treu pics are following coming weeks on the forum greetings reggy aka cyberstorm81

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