DUNE 2021 Crysknife

Came across this bit of information on the UC knife on Adam Savage's review of it.

Hey all,

Back again with another knife, I think this is version number 5 now (Can you tell I really like this prop?)
Got a new printer and decided to christen it with this excellent crysknife design by Neophyl (which is linked at the end of the post). I printed it with some translucent marble PLA to give it that nice glow, and painted it with acrylics and Dulux sprays. My airbrush bit the dust last year so I had to get that gradient effect by hand with a rag! not fun. I applied lots of thin layers to build up the colour without losing the translucency. I hand-stitched a sheath to go with it, not the neatest but I'm no leatherworker.

Hope you guys like it and thanks again to Neophyl for the file, really love the design.




I've just uploaded my customised version to Prusa Prints.

View attachment 1524464

Not based on any specific one, just going with the flow in the style of :)


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Love your paintjob. Wish I could paint that well. Also thanks for building it, as a designer there is a little glow you get inside when someone builds one of your models :) Well there is for me still lol.
I was ready to order this from BUDK but something doesn't seem right. First they've sent me a 10% off coupon that's invalid, and when I asked about it they sent me another one that's invalid. Second, how on earth is this practically half the price of the exact same knife sold directly from United Cutlery's site? And third, when I Google search this knife, I get a lot of hits for different sites that look suspiciously like BUDK - exact same web design and exact same Moultrie GA return address. (Shoot - even a random person on eBay selling this knife lives in Moultrie GA!) If I didn't see others mention they ordered from BUDK, I would be 100% certain this was a scam.

So how are they selling these at such a discount?
$159 is the standard price, and what its been since the beginning. BudK is reputable, but yeah they have copy sites that I assume are just other distributors or resellers or something.
Thanks. The other thing is BUDK's website doesn't seem to charge me sales tax. I figured maybe I don't have to pay when I order from out of state, but then when I call to place a phone order (because of the invalid coupon issue), they include sales tax in my order. This shouldn't be that complicated, but they're really kind of annoying me. Just checked Amazon and I could order there from a seller who's address is - surprise - that exact same Moultrie GA address again. So I guess they have 100 store fronts all going by different names.

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