1. CrossfireProps

    Dune Cysknife Resin Casts

    Hey all! Just wanted to quickly share some Crysknife replica kits I'm working on. The master is currently being prepped for molding and should undergo silicone this week. The master was 3D printed in super detailed resin using a 3D Model from Gizmodels, used with their permission. The final...
  2. Kobeque

    DUNE 2021 Crysknife

    Just came across these super high res shots of the new Crysknife replica from United Cutlery, and knew I had to take a shot at this prop before the film comes out. I'm planning to make the blade and handle from acrylic, I'm not too sure about the inscription though I might have to figure out a...
  3. S

    3D-Printed Crysknife from David Lynch's Dune.

    Greetings programs! I am a longtime lurker and occasional poster who is now jumping into the fray to share my latest project. A crysknife inspired by the David Lynch version of Dune. It's not especially screen-accurate. I took some liberties with the shape, giving it a slight bend at the...