Dredd 2012 Badge Build (aka Popping my 3D Print cherry)


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Greetings fellow movie fanciers. Been lurking a while and watching all the projects everyone's got going and been dead impressed by it all. Am finally making my first proper post to say hi, show you what I'm working on and seek some advice.

Like a lot of people when I first saw the new look for Karl Urban's Dredd uniform I thought meh. BUT.. the more pics get released and the more I look at it, it has really grown on me. So now I want one. I can't buy one, but I can make one.

I have already started sculpting out the helmet but it's very early stages and not ready for public consumption but the badge is nearly at a critical stage. Just need to tweak it a bit, slim it down slightly and put a blank strip in for the nameplates to be added later (couple of friends want one too with their own name on it).

This is the first time making a 3D model and getting it printed. From reading various threads on here I've heard of Shapeways as being the cheapest and quickest option so been looking through their site. I'm planning on using the 3D print to take a basic one piece silicone mould and then cast into resin so I can produce as many as I want to customize.

Now the problem is which material to select, the basic "white, strong & flexible" material looks best for price and the level of detail I want but it says "Not suitable for molding" in the description. Does anyone know what they mean? Will it prevent the silicone from curing or is there another reason for it? Any advice/help would be hugely appreciated.

Anywho, here's a pic of the progress so far, hope ya like it. :)

Few more progress pics, the 3D model is finished and ready for printing :D

It'll be in two pieces so I can make different nameplates to slot into the front. Figure I'm gonna chance it and order these in the standard material.


Thanks :) am dead excited to get this done (easily pleased I know). Originally thought about doing a clay sculpt or possibly build up layers of styrene then saw various threads about 3D printing on here and figured would have a go at making it this way.

Been using Google Sketchup (If you haven't tried it yet it is an excellent bit of free modelling software, never done any 3D modelling before but it's so straight forward it only took about an hour to get the hang of the basic features)

Now just waiting for some money to clear the bank and I can get this ordered up, already have the silicone left over from a past project so am ready to get going with the cleanup and moulding as soon as the parts arrive :D
I feel u I've been addicted to all things dredd since the 1995 released and i have a costume in the works as well. Where does all my time go?
Know what you mean, have been trying to get the Dredd suit started for ages but life always seems to get in the way. Sorry for lack of updates, I have placed the order with Shapeways and now have to wait until (possibly) 29th Sept. Torture!! Can't wait til the package arrives and I can see if I got it right and can swap out the nameplate without too much modification.

Have you started a thread for your Judge costume? Would like to sneak a look if it's started. There needs to be more of old stony face on here :)
I think I may have squeeled like a girl when I got home from work and saw a box from UPS on the sofa.

This has come out even better than I thought, dead chuffed! I think I my have discovered a new and expensive hobby, oops.

Here's some pics of the printed pieces, decided to get the DREDD nameplate and my own name on the other (seriously who wouldn't want a Judge badge with their name on, I had to do it), no adjustment required they slot together perfectly. Now just need to get going with the silicone :)



So I made one with the old pic and it came out good cept it was a bit rounded cause of the pic... Thank you for the clearer picture...I will be making another one.. You should make the belt buckle similar to badge... Btw how big is the badge?
The precise dimensions I've used (this is just a guess based on the publicity stills, using measurements of nose to chin compared to mine lol)

90mm x 120mm x 8mm

like I say I have no idea how accurate it is but it seems to be a good size :)

Reckon the belt buckle will be one of the next things I get printed (Just need a clear shot of it that Empire magazine haven't covered with text, grrr)

But first to get ordered will be a few customised nameplates for couple of people I know who want their own name badge too.
well your badge came out awesome...how much did it cost you to get it done? and what font are you using for the name? i want to make mine with my last name but its long haha :angry...well i used your pic to make the buckle...came out pretty good
Looking good :) are you going to build a full suit or just doing the bits and pieces you like from it?

Going from memory the badge was about $65 and the nameplates about $9 each shipped to the UK. Had a bit of a scout around for 3d Printing companies and CNC workshops and shapeways.com seem to be the cheapest around even with international shipping on top.

As was using google sketchup for first time I don't know if you can import text into the models so for these I basically just modelled the individual letters while looking at the pictures in Empire of the various Judge badges. There might be a text feature somewhere in sketchup but if there is I haven't found it yet.

how long is your last name? I reckon on this badge you could fit up to 8-9 letters before it got too squashed to read. Don't mind knocking up a quick template for you if you want?
well im trying to get a full suit...but not movie or comic accurate. im trying to mix things up and get something i like.

i remade the badge and got my name on it :thumbsup i had to make a minor change to it to make it easier to make but i think it came out good.
Long long long time with no updates. Apologies. But the recent flurry of activity with various props from the new Dredd movie inspired me/kicked me up the backside to get a move on and actually try some cold casting. Here's the first pull with the Dredd nameplate in place.

Not 100% happy with the weathering, looks a little too clean compared to the movie one, got quite a few air bubbles so need to pour more carefully for the next ones. Also have noticed some details are a little off now there's higher res pics for reference. Only major one I'd like to change is the font for the nameplate other than that I'm happy to ignore the less obvious errors. Gonna get it the nameplate corrected when I order prints for a few other names for some friends who want a copy with their name on as well as a Dredd one. Anyway as usual I'm waffling.

What does ya thunk of it?
Thanks guys :) it was actually following your threads in particular MrPinski that got me thinking about finally using the molds I'd made a few months back. Had tried casting in standard polyurethane then painting them gold but just didn't look right so kinda put them to back of my mind then saw the results with the cold cast brass powder on your helmets and badges and just had to give it a go. so pleased to finally be moving on these again. Going to get some 3d modelling done this weekend for a few different nameplates for some friends badges and send em off to shapeways for printing. Good times :D
Dude that'd be awesome. The four items I want to (eventually) get made are the helmet, badge, buckle and lawgiver.

Not made a start modelling the buckle and gun yet. The helmet is in a rough, half sculpted, not fit for human consumption stage gathering dust on our coffee table. Life has a horrible tendancy to get in the way of doing the things I actually enjoy.

In the long run figuring out a full uniform would be my ideal outcome :D
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