Dragon Age: Inquisition, Helmet of the Inquisitor build tutorial

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Terrible Trio

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Hey all, today I’m going to tell you how I made the Helm of the Inquisitor from Dragon Age Inquisition.

tumblr_nvpqir00jt1trrpl8o1_1280.jpg tumblr_inline_o1fig8Q8LB1rcj07f_500.gif

It shouldn’t be an expensive undertaking, especially if you already have some worbla scraps lying around. Your laundry list for this project will include

  • a hard hat
  • some craft foam
  • worbla
  • wood glue or plastidip
  • a dremel with a sanding drum attachment
  • and maybe a sewing machine depending on your level of details.
Rather than craft the actual helmet shape by hand (like I did first try), purchase a $3 hard hat from your local home improvement store. They come with a bracket on the inside to cushion your head and are easy to build on top of.

I started with mapping out the template. Cover your helmet in tape and draw out all the sections you want to make out of worbla of other materials, peel them off and put them out. I usually laid these patterns out on craft foam because I could them easily cut them out to sandwich between worbla layers.

The stitched scale on the side came first. I took a piece of craft foam and did some wide stitching on my sewing machine in a crisscross pattern and glued it to the side of my helmet. I had patterned out the window for that scale pattern on my tape, so I then sandwiched these pieces between worbla, heat them up, and molded them around the helmet.

tumblr_nuzgznsnHv1rsi5rzo2_1280.jpg tumblr_nuzgznsnHv1rsi5rzo1_1280.jpg

The wings were second. I sketched out the wing shape against the helmet and then divided it into 3 pieces, sandwiching each between worbla. I then stuck them all together at angles to get that ridged look and added a slim rope of worbla across each seam for added height. These both were glued to the inside of the helmet.

20150916_205054.jpg 20150916_205247.jpg

The spikes were made with worbla scraps that were heated, shaped, and dremeled into points. I kept the bottoms of each as flat squares so they could be easily glued onto the helmet.I added a lip to the back of the helmet to mimic the shape extending over the chainmail in reference images.

I also gave the helmet a few battle marks using my heat knife’s wood burning tools.

The surrounding scales were craft foam that I cut out from scraps and attached with this beads of hot glue.

tumblr_nvgwdbEGrY1rsi5rzo2_1280.jpg tumblr_nvgwdbEGrY1rsi5rzo1_1280.jpg

The dragon head was templated with craft foam - but like the spikes, was molded out of scrap worbla and shaped using exacto blades and the sanding bits of my dremel.
When the base was complete I painted it all in layers of wood glue that had been diluted with some water. You can also use plastidip as long as you’re meticulous about getting the underside of the scales.


Rub n’ buff gave me the metallic look I wanted, but you can also use spray paint or aidbrushing to color it. Dry brushing black in grooves and corners gives is a weathered look. Some metal rivets go on the wigs and you’re done!











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