dragon age

  1. chantryBOOM

    [Dragon Age] Magister's Staff?

    Hey everyone :) I'm currently working on a Grey Warden mage outfit and while sewing and armor parts aren't a problem, I'm wondering if there are any tutorials for building Dragon Age staffs. I used the search function but didn't find anything here. So do you have any experiences in building...
  2. Nymeria

    Dragon Age: Regalia of Weisshaupt (WIP pics)

    Any other Dragon Age fans around? :D Inquisition inspired me to make my first cosplay but Origins was my first love and my Grey Warden quickly climbed my 'future projects' list. While I thought it felt believable that there was no uniform as such in the first game, as last two Wardens would be...
  3. Terrible Trio

    Dragon Age: Inquisition, Helmet of the Inquisitor build tutorial

    Hey all, today I’m going to tell you how I made the Helm of the Inquisitor from Dragon Age Inquisition. It shouldn’t be an expensive undertaking, especially if you already have some worbla scraps lying around. Your laundry list for this project will include a hard hat some craft foam...
  4. S

    Help for Dragon Age Grey Warden scail mail

    Hi ! I'm new here, and i don't seem to find an answer to my problem. I want to do the grey warden armor pictured in Dragon Age Inquisition which have scails all over the fabric like here : I know the basics of making a scail armor but I don't know how can I sew them like the costume...
  5. D

    New Group

    New Group for cosplayers, crafters, costume and prop builders. https://www.facebook.com/groups/cosplayprop/
  6. ShaiCosplay

    Inquisitor Adaar

    So after a pretty long break i've started working on this cosplay again. Might be the first i finish who knows lmao. Anyway it's my qunari inquisitor from dragon age: inquisition. I haven't decided fabric colors yet. Im also thinking about making earnest reprisal since it's a ****ing cool...
  7. SerCharlemagne

    Mage Champion Hawke - Dragon Age II IMAGE HEAVY

    I realize I'm not the only one who has done a breakdown and creation of this iconic Dragon Age costume, but I wanted to post my costume, and a breakdown of the entire thing, including photos, in hopes that it might help others who are also tackling this damn thing! :D This costume is an...
  8. GoblinCityCosplay

    Marian Hawke Dragon Age 2

    So far I'm working on the armor. I've patterned the gauntlet, wrist guard, pimp plate and finger armor out of paper. I need to refine the finger armor and cut it out of foam to test fit. The sticking place for me on the armor is sintra or black worbla. I've never worked with sintra before...
  9. carnivalflux

    Mage Hawke- Dragon Age 2

    So for an upcoming convention in May, I decided to be Hawke in her mage Champion armor (cause mage Hawke looks badass) I went to the Dragon Age photoshoot with the group who did Dragon Age last year at the same con and had a blast with them so I decided to do my own costume this year; it's my...
  10. S

    Dragon Age: Inquisition - Rogue Inquisitor Prop Help

    Hi All, I am looking to make a set of Armour complete with props based on the Rogue Inquisition from Dragon Age: Inquisition. What I cant work out, despite many hours in game and tonnes of screen caps taken, is what this small cylinder type item is on the belt of the Rogue characters. I'm...
  11. P

    Two Dragon Age: Inquisition builds (Blackwall and Scout Harding)

    Hey folks! After my successful Brynden Blackfish build, I approach the next project with a full 11 months to work on. My wife and I are doing a costume together, with a few other friends, and we will be joining a competition. So I'm pouring my heart and soul into this one. So I will be doing...
  12. VrisKCa

    First Build: Dragon Age II Fem!Hawke

    Hello, friends :D My name is KC and I've been interested in prop and costume making since I was very young, but I never really had the resources or time to follow that path. I'm finally going to be able to have time this summer! I'm planning to make the armor of Hawke from Dragon Age II. I'll...
  13. ShaiCosplay

    Dalish Keeper Robes

    First cosplay project :o I'm making my dalish inquisitor, wearing the dalish keeper robes. and i took some pretty good screenshots so here we go.
  14. dashy

    Magic power prop - tutorial [Updated with Version 4]

    INTRODUCTION: There are many variations possible with this prop idea, I encourage you to think of how you can improve on what I’ve done, find alternatives and experiment. My aim with these designs was to keep it simple and elegant, whilst working out what I could achieve without adhesives...
  15. D

    Dragon Age Enchanted Dagger WIP ***UPDATED 1.27.15***

    Hi everyone! When Dragon Inquisition came out I was super excited because I am a huge fan of the series, but before I went out and got it I wanted to play through the first games again. I am a huge fan of bioware and currently have a M3 Predator (Mass Effect) that I built out of EVA foam, so I...
  16. mbielaczyc

    Dragon Age Elf Ears

    I have had many requests to sculpt up some Dalish ears, so I finally did! Here is the left side, I have already molded them and should have finished photos by the end of the week.
  17. D

    Dragon Age Enchanted Dagger Build, Help I'm stuck! (resolved)

    ​So Im want to build a set of enchanted daggers from Dragon Age origins, but I have never made blades before, only guns. I was wondering if any one had any advice on what to make it out of. This is the Dagger: I started off by drafting out a template for the dagger: I'm stuck...
  18. eidylon

    Mass Effect Blood Dragon - 2014

    Okay, so while I've done about a half-dozen props, I completed my first cosplay about a month ago. For my first attempt, I had chosen the Mass Effect / Dragon Age crossover Blood Dragon armor. I figured the fact that it had a lot of large, flat areas without too much detail would make it easier...
  19. A

    Azzurra's 's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry: Isabela [Dragon Age II]

    Hello! This is my costume of Isabela from Dragon Age II. Originally I made it for Dragon Con 2014, but I am wearing it to Halloween parties as well. (Click to embiggen) I had decided to make Isabela merely as a companion piece to a Morrigan costume, which I made for my friend who had never...
  20. DorruptedData

    Hawke Dragon Age 2 armor revamp

    Ok so I did this cosplay a few years ago and it came out ok I think but It looked to new. Hawke's armor is beat to hell old and worn. So I'm redoing the armor and painting the leather to make it look worn and old. Heres a pic of the armor. heres the first time Now here are some pics of...
  21. B

    Dragon Age Staff Sword pdo (Not Unfolded)

    Hey ladies and gentlemen I have managed to edit the staff sword form the game Dragon age 2 however i don't have the skill to unfold it. Anyone can have a go at unfolding it but please share the file have fun dragon age fans :D Please she the file on this thread dragon age 2 staff sword -...
  22. sparqy

    Dragon Age 2 - Mage Hawke

    So back in October I set my own personal record for "most new materials used in a costume" and "most panicked rush job" when I made my Champion Mage Hawke armor from Dragon Age 2. It was done in about a month, finished 20 minutes before I had to leave for the convention I was wearing to. I love...
  23. SKS Props

    Dragon Age Inquisition - Dragon Helmet SKS Props

    Here is a new project I have been working on for a little while now it is the new helmet from Dragon Age. I have loved the design of this helmet since the first concept pieces came out. The base of the helmet is resin and styrene. It is basically an understructure for a monster clay buildup. I...
  24. Variant

    Dragon Age : Inquisition Helmet

    Howdy folks, I haven't posted here in a Long time so I figured I would share my latest build ,The Dragon Age Inquisition Helmet. I originally was going to do a clay sculpt but I am a very slow sculptor ,and I wanted this done for ECCC and when the game comes out, so I went with what I know best...