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I remember when I first found out about the (then) new link/deal with SS; I was confused. I felt that any overt support/link with a dealer wasn't wise. A board that's full of rogues and independent do-it-yourselfers didn't seem like a comfortable fit with a (supported) commercial enterprise. BUT I don't know how this deal was presented to our Mods at the time--I'm sure it must have seemed like a useful partnership, so I was happy to adopt a 'wait-and-see' attitude and see if the partnership took off--see if it provided a cash boost to the board.

When it was recently posted that after a year (help me out if I've got the time frame wrong) we still haven't seen any real profit--I just think maybe as a board we should reevaluate our partnership with them.

Sometimes advertising/partnerships work to bring in proceeds, sometimes they don't. I'm glad we tried the experiment, but personally, I don't understand the anticipated benefit any longer.

Mods, is the SS link actually helping the board in a tangible way? Are there current stats that can shared with the board that's sponsoring the link? If we continue to partner with them, will there be a small SS section where members can check to see the $$ total that's being generated by our partnership with them? I think something like that would be an excellent gage of how useful the link is--and if it's something the board wanted to continue to try, it might actually encourage members to use the link--IF it's worth it.

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