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I'd gotten a request for this file recently so I figured why not share it int he thread. I know someone on here had already done the "Rose Tyler Missing" flyer from Series 1 once before and it was really nice nice, I just wanted to upgrade the Met Badge and the pic of Rose originally. But then my research lead me to notice other things that I wanted to change so I remade the whole flyer top to bottom. All because of small things like the extra spaces before "from her home on the Powell" like and after "Tyler" and before the "?" (making it Tyler ? vs Tyler?).

So anyway, here you go, for those that haven't made it yet you have a choice. And for any one else interested.

View attachment MissingRose-New-design-FINAL-2014-02-19 (1).pdf


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Re: Free Paper Prop Thread #4 - 2009

Does anyone have the Gallifreyan Passport from further up the thread? It seems to be down so I can't download it.


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Ummm...I have one. Anyone interested in the 7th Doctors calling card from "Remembrance of the Daleks" that they can custom resize and place in their Psychic Paper wallets like this:

Here you go if you do!

I drew the original by hand and my cousin rendered it for me so it could be printed to whatever size I wanted. Basically it's my Psychic Paper version of the Doctors Calling Card buuuuut I made the question mark logo a bit more abstract so it fits the 2D look of a printable prop.
Aaannndd now the calling card is down... Could someone please repost that as well? Also, how/where did you get that awesome sonic screwdriver?!

p.s. Thanks for the passport ^^


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Re: Free Paper Prop Thread #4 - 2009

Has anyone tried replicating the envelope and letter from The Impossible Astronaut?
If not, if someone could identify the fonts used I could whip up a fairly accurate replica within an hour or so.
Also, is the letter A4 or A5 size? I'm willing to bet it's A5 turned on its side but I can't be entirely sure as I haven't seen the episode in a very long time.

Kind regards, The14thDr


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Hey Whovians, do you know if anybody has the picture of the Ninth Doctor at Dealey Plaza on the day Kennedy was shot? That would look cool framed up...


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Hello all. Very nice stuff here. Thanks to everyone who has posted. I am looking to get a classic era UNIT logo in high res if possible. About a 2" diameter if possible. Anyone that can help would be great. Thanks.


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From Genesis of the Daleks:



Made it to go with a few other of my 4th Doctor items I'm collecting. In another shot you can see the reverse side is just white, so print it on some card stock and you're good to go.


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Dr. Talyn, thanks for the card, you did a great job! Tom Baker was the first Doctor I watched, so it is good to see a prop from one of his episodes.


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Hi all, long time lurker.

Not the most techically savvy, but had my 1st go at a paper prop recreation. It surprised me that there hadnt been a recreation of rose's missing poster available to members that I could find (apologies if I missed it) so I made my own using some screen caps of google. Its not perfect by any stretch but I think it gets the job done.

Hope it is of use to some of you.

Rose Tyler missing-page-001.jpg

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